R-22 crash videos

When the FAA passed special rules for helicopter pilots with fewer than 400 hours, pilots were required to attend a special training session. During the session a video was shown. In one segment there was footage from a birthday party in England. An R-22 had been hired to give rides to the partygoers. It took off and was ‘clotheslined’ – it hit a cable and flipped over (controlled flight into an obstacle). Another segment was taped by a hiker. An R-22 was seen to be hovering when it just dropped out of the sky (failure to maintain rotor RPM).

Do these videos exist online?

Read many crazy sites lately?

By all accounts the f-22 is the most effective fighter in the world.

:confused: I’m being wooshed. Just trying to see if the videos exist online.

R-22. Helicopter.

I’ve taken a look around and the only one I can find involving any Robinsons is the one from a couple years ago, where an R-44 hits the hangar door with its rotor.


Yeah, I saw that one. What the hell was he thinking?

Try this site.

Good luck. I have to reboot after trying to view one of the videos.
I can find no way to get to this page from index.html!

Most people flying around in Robbos are out of the public eye, and unless they were already shooting video for some reason, it’s not likely that anyone’s going to have a camera aimed at them.

About ten years ago, we tried to extract usable audio from a videotape of someone’s powerline patrol flight. The flight ended poorly - skids vs tower - when they flew in too close to check a particular segment of wire. I’m pretty sure the estates of those involved would not look forward to seeing the video on YouTube.

These are part of an FAA training video.

I’ve seen the video, so you’re not insane, but I don’t know where I saw it.