R.I.P. Biscuits and Gravy

The kitten with two faces has died, just three days old.

Twas expecting a breakfast thread not a Ripley’s believe it or not. I hope I can open that can of Libby’s sausage and gravy without tearing up now. :joy_cat::joy_cat:

Duo, the Cat with Two Faces

That was a shitload of Teh Jeebus just to read some news about a friggin’ dead cat. Something about it being, and I quote, proof of Jesus’s sacrifice? That’s full-blown mental illness - balls to the wall brain damage.

Reptiles are born/hatched/bestowed by Teh Jeebus with two faces or even full on heads much more frequently. They often survive to adulthood, too, depending on what precisely went “wrong” and which parts got doubled. They fetch absolutely astronomical prices in the pet trade, which is why I’m aware of them. Baby turtles with two heads are friggin’ adorable.

Perhaps there are more Janus reptiles because mammals require more software processing to survive - I do not know. But the heads often “argue” about what & when to eat, which way to go, etc.


Video has an X-ray among other tidbits:

“Biscuits and Gravy” was a cute name for the lil’ fuzzbucket. Kittens are so friggin’ fragile, especially compared to the robust shitkickers that are puppies. Bye, lil fuzzyface.

They should have taken the $500 they were offered a day ago…

(I’m currently reading a book about conjoined twins, no less!)

Mammals are going to be less likely to survive the birth, if it occurs at term. There were some conjoined fetal whales that washed up on a beach a few years ago, and THAT hadn’t been seen before.

When I was in Hawaii, someone found a female two-headed snake on Maui. They named it Thelma and Louise.

Brains are metabolically expensive organs. Mammals not only require energy expenditure for their brains, but they also burn calories at a furious (compared to reptiles) rate to maintain their body temperature. Maybe that is a factor, too? If the body can’t supply two brains with sufficient nutrients and oxygen that’s going to be a problem for survival.

This is one reason why over 90% of human conjoined twins die before or shortly after birth, in addition to them often sharing vital organs which are frequently malformed in themselves, especially their hearts.

Abby and Brittany Hensel, now 30 years old, are a miracle.

The reality show they were in a few years ago was delightful to watch, just because they were so normal in spite of it all.

Here’s an interesting Canadian pair of twins, who are now in their early teens. Joined at the head, they share vision, and while one child controls a leg and 3 arms, the other controls 3 arms and a leg.

And this is an absolutely terrible IMNSHO column from a doctor who said they should never have been born. I wonder what he thinks now.

This is a You Tube channel, that hasn’t been updated in a while, made by the parents of a pair of conjoined twins who could theoretically be separated, but the parents don’t think they should because they feel they would have a higher quality of life joined, than separated.

Their Facebook page is more current, and explains why they haven’t updated You Tube in a while; it’s because their parents had another baby.