R.I.P. Robin Wood (film critic)

I just learned of the death of Robin Wood, British film critic and author of the book Hitchcock’s Films … that was the book was was my introduction to and definition of film criticism, back when I was in college. (And, coincidentally, several months before I met Hitchcock.)


That’s so sad. His revised working of that book as “Hitchcock’s Films Revisited” was the first book to open my eyes to film criticism too and it remains my favourite. Even now, I find it hard to watch anything of Hitchcock’s without hearing his astute and insightful observations. A very sad loss.

Well, I’ll be the first to think that D. B. Woodside had died(he played Robin Wood on Buffy).

Dear Og, but you freaked me out.

Robin Wood is an artist that we know. She’s done several works featuring Pepper Mill.


Robin the artist is alive and well, and her fibromyalgia is in remission.

OK, I’ve edited the thread title to be more specific. Thanks for the suggestion, and sorry I worried some of you.

Promethea, I really didn’t like the additions in his revisions of the book. He discovered that he was gay, and his later insights are all colored through his personal gay-lens. For me, the first part (the original book) was life-changing and the additions were… well, sad.