R*K*Milholland is aparently a doper!

RKMilholland writes a brilliant online comic called Something Positive. I highly encourage anyone to read through the archives a bit, it’s a wonderful and well written bit of work. Today’s comic certainly could be about the SDMB, so I thought I’d share it here.

If Milholland isn’t a poster here, he’s certainly been hanging out somewhere not all that different. He’d fit right in as a Doper, that’s for sure.

There’s a post somewhere on the SDMB in which the poster comments on his or her close personal friendship with RKMilholland. I leave finding this post as an exercise for the reader.

One degree of separation at most. Go us!

Go, lno! I’m holding my breath.

I love S*P. Faithful reader. I’m certain that our Hamadryad could fill Aubrey’s shoes, we she younger, Asian, and nicer.

Oh, you ‘Golden Agers’.

That could apply to any board and be any complaint. Everyone ALWAYS feels that such things deteriorate over time even when they don’t.

It’s the USERS who change…not the content.

Is it me, or was that just not all that funny?

Yeah, the comic was sort of bland.

I love S*P. Its everything my twisted humor needs to survive.

That one was pretty bland, but whenever I ahve that feeling, I just click on “First Comic” and start choking/laughing all over again.

Well, it could be the SDMB being talked about… or one of 1000 others. The mention of teens posting erotic photographs could be another board I’m on where a 15 year old posted a picture of herself in her underwear, that cause a boatload of trouble.

pretty twisted stuff.

I just got past the part where they discussed Jason’s means of dealing with Dale Earnhardt’s racing death…repeatedly watching a video of it, freeze framing it as Earnhardt’s body is shown being pulled out of the wreckage, and saying in a country-western type voice, “Well, looks like the Duke Boys done got themselves in trouble again.”

poot. I mean Davan.

Screw you. “Younger.” Humph.

Oh, I know it could be any number of boards, including this one. It was the 2nd panel that struck me, considering the plethora of attention whores who have started posting here lately, that’s all.

October 10. Oh good Jack Dean Tyler.

God that comic strip was so unfunny.

You’ve obviously never had a bad BJ before.

those things can be tramatic

Highly unilkely that it’s the SDMB. As others noted it sounds like any of the thousands of boards out there with mostly teen populations. Practically any general or special interest board out there could qualify for 95% of the description detailed in the comic strip.

Am I missing some button to click to take me to the next page or are all of them just one page long? If so I have to say that i’m not sure I find it funny at all…

Where are the teen kids wanting to post erotic pictures?

You missed them, racer. Sorry 'bout that.