R-Rated Movies...

I am a huge movie guy, I love to watch movies. Lately I have been seeing everything that comes out in theatersm with the exception of The Princess Diaries. Anyway, here is my question. The MPAA requires that an individual wishing to see an R-Rated movie must be at least 17. Proff can be found here. This is all fine and dandy, since I am now 17. However, last firday I went to see American Pie 2. they were carding at the door, and they were requiring that people be 18 to see it! The movie was NOT reated NC-17, and there was no disclaimer stating that it should be for 18 year olds. Is it legal for a movie theater to do this? I saw the movie at another theater, where they checked my ID again, but since I was the legal 17, I made it in. Oh yeah, I live in North Carolina, if that has anything to do with it.

Notice that all important word at the top of the page–voluntary. The rating system is voluntary, which means that movie theatres can decide whether or not to abide by the code. Also, movie theatres can decide to use stricter rules than outlined by the code. If they are dumb enough to want to keep out their core audience by preventing 17 year olds from seeing “AP2”, that’s their business decision.

Here’s a tidbit I came across a couple of days ago.

I don’t know if N.C. is one of those states.