Why do rabbits’ noses always twitch?¿?¿ it seems like it’d be common knowledge to me. Am I the only person in the world who dosen’t know the answer to this?

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just out of curiosity, for the record, have you ever seen a rabbit’s nose twitch? Seems to me to be something like a media/folklore image that got out of hand… but then, I’ve never really studied the olfactory organ behaviour patterns of rodents.

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Are YOU kidding? Their noses are always on the go!!

I used to be afraid of rabbits! When I was a little fella, I got bit by one so I was afraid of them until I was 7.

Well anyway, while I agree that their noses twitch, I wouldn’t say it was all the time. Just any time that they are concious.

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Not that I’m an expert, but:

  1. Rabbits are food for a vast array of predators. This makes them a little nervous. Could be that they haven’t been domesticated long enough to loose their always-alert stance. Possibly, they’re sniffing the air for the scent of predators.

  2. I may be stupid for saying this, but don’t rabbits chew cud? (Another one of those things that I Think I Read Somewhere.) Maybe they’re just re-enjoying their dinner.

I have rabbits. But since rabbits can’t talk to tell us, I have an idea. I twitch my nose sometimes if it itches. Just like right now, so it itched and I twitched and that unitched it.

Oh please. One minute, you’re Thumper, the next minute, someone opens a well-wrapped box and slips most of YOU on, and says, “Oh, Morty, these are just SO soft, I adore you!”… I’d twitch too if I was permanently in danger of becoming an accessory.

Ah, but prey have their eyes on the side of their head. Rabbits can see predators coming easily. So no real need to be nervous.

Plus, what about one of my rabbits, almost 9 years old, in a cage all his life, surely would have little use to be nervous about predators.

Their noses twitch cause they breath fairly fast. Both to scent the air and to simply resperate.
No they don’t chew the cud, what they do is kind of gross, so if you are eating, might want to wait before reading this…

Rabbits have two kinds of dung, one kind is the normal rabbit pellets that you see all over the place in the woods. The other is actually half proccessed food. The half proccessed kind is produced early and late in their wake/sleep cycle. The rabbit eats that dung as it comes out (So it never touches the ground.) in order to reproccess it. If you have a rabbit and see a bunch of small gooey pellets, that is the half proccessed kind usually.

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Well, since it’s hard for us to get a Prozac presciption, we’re a little nervous and worried about all those things with teeth out there.

Nar, I can’t test that one out cause the rabbits are in a cage so their droppings drop down thru the floor & they can’t eat them.

Interesting thing about rabbits, their teeth grow 5 inches a year.