Rabblefrassin brikabrat security

This is too mild for the Pit, but I’m annoyed, dammit!

I work for a bank therefore, as you can imagine accessibility is pretty well restricted web-wise. Not just NSFW stuff, but also suspect websites are verbotten; TPTB don’t want any trojans downloaded to compromise sensitive information we look at all day. Needless to say, all floppy drives, CD drives, and USB ports are locked closed as well. On the web, I can’t get to Facebook or other community sites (But Yahoo and Google groups are okay for some reason), use instant messaging nor even log into my personal e-mail using Cox’s web server.

About two years ago to my surprise, I discovered the SDMB was not on the interdicted list so I happily whiled away hours of dead time here . . . until yesterday. About seven I was perusing the OOTS Book 5 discussion in the Cafe, then got busy and left it on the last page for about two hours. I finished off the page, then tried to bring up the Cafe list and got the interditcion screen, reason: Chat. There’s a link to request access and I fired off one, protesting it was a message board, ot a chat room but as of the end of work today there has been no reply.

I can get to the Straight Dope main page and from there can get to the SDMB main page with the list of forums. When I click on a forum though, the page listing the threads is interdicted. Get this – I can click on the last post link for each forum to the right; it brings up the thread just fine, and I can move from page to page within the thread if it has them and even post a reply. I guess I’ll be doing Zen reading at work – whatever’s on top of the pile for that forum.

Meanwhile, the guy next to me peruses all these free game sites playing all these flash games that beep and boop and could be loading god-knows-what into his box. I tell ya, life ain’t fair.