Do/will raccoons eat through roofing materials?

Explanation of question follows for those who want it.

[Secondhand story–from my mother]There was a tremendous amount of rain around here the past couple days, and my father discovered a leak in the kitchen ceiling. Going up on the roof (in the rain), he finds a hole, about 2-3 inches, that looks like possibly something(s) chewed through. He told my mom that squirrels wouldn’t do something like that (you can’t swing a dead cat in their neighborhood without hitting a squirrel). I know they’ve had raccoons in/around their yard before, but she doesn’t know if raccoons would chew through a roof either. [/Secondhand story]

imho, squirrels have been known to chew through roofing material to build a tidy nest in attics. Raccoons, too.

Squirrels will definitely do that. And more. “Cute” rats, they are. Speaking of which, rats will remodel your place as well. And if you’re in any urban area, they are a possibility, even if you never see them around.

We got raccoons here that do that. Insurance won’t cover it unless you tell the insurance cmpany that it was done by the wind.

I can’t help wondering how a hole “2-3 inches” in diameter would accomodate a raccoon…

In my experience, critters like squirrels and rats will chew through just about anything to get at grub. Rats in particular are known for this. Raccoons are probably less adapted to ‘destructive entrance’ than are rats and squirrels, mainly due to their completely different teeth, but raccoons are notorious opportunists, and will take advantage of a loose siding board or an open vent or screen to gain access to a house.

I don’t know why fortune smiles on some and lets the rest go free…