Racial Profiling In Canada...

Some time back, I was going to Canada from the US, poss. with my parents. I don’t remember when it was. But it was definitely before 9-11. Anyways, as we waited in line, I saw something that seemed a little odd at first. The Canadian customs officer pulled the nun ahead of us out of the line for closer scrutiny (i.e., a more-intensive search). I may not know everything there is to know about Canadian culture. But I assume they think nuns are typically innocuous (even if they are Americans). Then I realized the reason why: there was an African American in line just after the nun. I guess the Canadian official thought if he searched a (white) nun ahead of him, the African American wouldn’t protest as much!

That actually got me to thinking though. What exactly are the rules governing racial profiling in Canada? Are they the same as ours? How do they differ? Also, Canada now has the Charter of Rights (basically their newer version of our Bill of Rights). How does this come into play?

And, yes, I am not just concerned about Canada. Indeed, how do all “modern industrialized countries” (Australia, Israel, Germany, etc.) deal with this issue?

And yes, finally, this is a factual question. Please do not make it into a philosophical debate about racial profiling in general:).

Thank you in advance to all who reply:)

Do you have any actual reason for thinking this?

I just assumed. But once again, this is a factual question about racial profiling–please do not debate irrelevant issues:) (like my introductory story:)).

Racial profiling is technically illegal.

As to whether or not it happens anyway, you bet it does.

The cops in Montreal stop and search blacks all the time. Occasionally murder them. With impunity. There is a case at hand that is being investigated right now (google Freddy Villeneuve). There is never any punishment for the cops. The investigation, such as it is, is carried out by the provincial police who never find fault in a police action.

The name of the man who was killed in a police action in Montreal North is actually Freddy Villanueva. And yes, there are indications that the police in Montreal North use racial profiling to detect criminal gang activity. It’s an all in all sad situation, and I hope the investigation is able to shed light on what actually happened.