Racial profiling, terrorism and liability

Assuming a terrorist act could have been prevented if racial profiling would have been used, could this be used successfully in a civil suit?

You might want to flesh your OP out somewhat. First that’s a pretty big assumption, since different terrorist acts are done by different groups. You’ll also need to define your jurisdiction. In the US (I forget what case, though I’m sure someone will be along shortly with it) liability in such a case would be dubious at best.

I would not call it racial profiling, just profiling. One of the things a profile may include is race, but then again you profile may come to the conclusion that a terrorist attack may be carried out by members of any race.

The other things to remember is that a profile is not proof of a crime, it just tells you that the people who have commited this crime before have these characteristics, so those are the people you look at. Not all the people with those characteristics will be commiting crimes. Absent any other evidence a profile would not be good enough for a conviction in either a criminal or civil court.