Racial Profiling

I wish I was able to actually see the numbers and see how they show the profiling.

I thought the concern here was pretty straight forward. 10 people get pulled over (5 black, 5 white). 4 white guys get off with a warning, 1 white guy is charged for say…speeding. Of those 5 black people, 4 get tickets and searched and 1 gets off with a warning.

I thought the study just showed that black people were more likely to get pulled over and ticketed than other people who still got pulled over, but didn’t get a ticket. I know as an Asian I have never felt profiled. Of the total of 3 police stops that have happened to me, I’ve never been given a warning (but 2 tickets were dropped before going to court).

Also as an Asian I have never been asked for ID by police/security or searched.

So innocent people should be punished for the actions of people who sorta-kinda-but-not-really look like them?

Sorry, but that simply isn’t how justice should work.

monstro: Are we arguing that the people pulled over were in fact just driving while black, as opposed to speeding while black? It seems to me that commiting a crime and being more likely to be punished because of your race is a different beast then being punished for looking like someone.

robert, Soup Nazi seems to believe that racial profiling is just one of those things black people need to deal with until they stop committing crime.

I have never committed a single crime in my life. Why should I be pulled over for “driving while black” when I haven’t done anything wrong?