Racing for "pink slips"?

I’ve often heard tales of supposed races that took place where the drivers raced for “pink slips”. What this means is that the loser actually signed his vehicle over to the winner. Does anybody actually do this? I don’t see why you’d risk your hard-earned wheels on a little stop-light drag race, unless you had cars readily at your disposal (ie, you steal cars). Any thoughts? Anyone witnessed (or better yet, participated in) such a race?

Yeah I think that;s the idea behind that whole “pink slip” thing, to race for ownership of a car.

The reason people do it (IMHO) is that they are arrogant as hell, or maybe to show that they are all bad ass or something to that effect. It’s mainly a way of beating on your chest to show you are the best I suppose.

Yep. I saw a guy that loose his 86 or something Mustang that way. He raced a 300ZX Turbo and it killed him. What a dummy :wink: The funny thing is, the guy with the 300 didn’t want to go through with it (a nice guy) but the mustang owner insisted (didn’t want his word to be crap). I think though, if memory serves he ended up selling his car back to him for $1000 or something like that, can’t remember for sure. An expensive lesson learned.

Of course it happens. My friends and I used to play “Chicken” near cliffsides in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, my friend got his sleeve caught on the door handle of the car and you know the rest.