Racism and "Wuhan virus" - only because Wuhan is a fairly well known large city?

You got it Mijin, **septimus **actually missed that I concentrate on the “way out” Trump gave himself, that it was ‘the Democrats are claiming that Trump was doing a bad job’ as the hoax. The point I made was that even that stupid explanation from Trump does not make it a Hoax, Trump did lie. Trump did and continues to do a bad job.

The reason why Forbes was mentioned was to point out that a conservative outfit like Forbes was having none of what Trump said, for what I think are good reasons:

Forbes (again not what I said, but just to show how even some conservatives see it) is in reality saying to Trump: ‘What [del]Capitalistic tools[/del] fools you think we are? Your base clearly got the message that it was a hoax, and your later equivocations, while making kinda sense, are just geared to convince others less cultish to “get it right”. Problem is that your base continues to get the meaning you actually wanted to told them and that is shown by the actions you took then, rather than your words.’

There are reports from others in the Wuhan tri-cities about the number of urns being delivered, the 4 major crematoria running nonstop around the clock, and social media posts being censored from primary sources to which I give a similar amount of belief as I give your post about Shanghai.

I can only guess at the point, but it is probably the same as most every action the CCP takes- to keep itself in power.

(Note: My disdain for the CCP does not extend to the people of China.)

Crematoria in China are always extremely busy. They seem to prefer a few mega-crematoria run like production lines.
It was very strange to attend a funeral here during regular times.

Anyway, having said that, let me say I agree with the point that the death total in Hubei may well be higher than the government has reported.

But what do you mean by “a similar amount of belief as I give your post about Shanghai”? You think I’m lying or a CCP plant?

Believe what you want to believe comrade. Let’s see your reports and where they come from. Or are these just random Facebook posts from teh trump spin machine or from putin. Couldja stop with the CCP please. I hadn’t seen that used outside of an academic setting for decades, and suddenly 3 weeks ago it explodes across the media about like the coronavirus.

It is painfully obvious that you have no real knowledge or personal ties to China. You lack the knowledge for what is normal operating conditions in China versus what is abnormal.

Factories in Wuhan are reopening. They are freaking paranoid about having a case. If there is a person with a fever (and they are tested multiple times per day), at a minimum:
-within 2 hours have to report to the Chinese CDC
-person with a fever goes to a center for testing
-the shift goes into quarantine for 2 weeks
-line gets shut for days for deep cleaning
-requires recertification to reopen
costs a fuckload of money to do the above.

Thankfully, so far, that has not occurred at the dozens of factory complexes at my old company, including one with 15,000 employees in Wuhan (now is a fraction of that as they are slowly allowed to ramp).

Is China 100% accurate? Never
Is the covid 19 case reporting accurate for the trend? Probably
Is there evidence of wide spread death in the streets? no

(I will say it again, I have deeply personal reasons to dislike and not trust the Chinese government. But let’s at least make an attempt to call balls and strikes. There’s tons of shit you can legitimately criticize the Chinese government beyond the handful of talking points you parrot…)

In yesterday’s Washington Post, President Trump is quoted at different stages of the pandemic. I’ll excerpt that here to debunk my own confused complaint:

He does seem to call the epidemic a “hoax” but it’s slightly ambiguous. In any event, every single sentence he says in the excerpt is a lie.

Here’s a look at the U.S. response to this pandemic.

In the last post I pushed my luck on excessive excerptation, so here’s just a single quote:

Conspiracymongers have turned the arrest of three accused espionage agents acting on behalf of China into evil virus creators.



Really, at this point they may as well be saying that Fu Manchu created the virus in his laboratory beneath the Forbidden City as part of his dastardly scheme to subjugate the white race once and for all.

Magiver, in case you missed it, Ohio now has 2902 cases with 81 deaths. trumpy doing a great job, no one could have done better?

And it was a stroke of genius to let it spread in China first.
It’s the last thing anyone would think.
It removes any suspicion, plus it makes the US government look bad when they inevitably bungle the response, despite not being the origin.

Shush, the conspiracy theorists are gonna see this post and think it makes sense.

Remember about Forbes reporting that the medical ships being positioned at hot spot might not be a great idea?


Trying to keep people with other health conditions in a confined space safe from contagion was going to be hard. When testing (if available) takes days to find out if a patient with an unrelated condition has Covid-19 too.

Guess who has started spreading the conspiracy theory that the WHO is in Beijing’s pocket.

What? No. I mean they are in the Wuhan area, and should know as much as you do about the Shanghai area.

Their contention that the crematoria are running 24/7 when before the outbreak it was normal day hours has been backed up by US intelligence, also.

OK. What I forgot to say regarding the crematoria is also that of course we would expect substantially increased throughput right now.
Because not only was there an uptick in deaths where coronavirus was directly or indirectly the cause (indirectly, because of an overstrained medical system).
But more importantly because all the crematoria were shut for 2 months. And like I say, they’re very busy places during normal times.

So the observation about crematoria being super busy, in itself is not particularly significant, unless it’s also paired with an analysis of how busy they should be right now.


Again, unless we know what the usual run rate was, what the current rate is, how long of down time there was during the quarantine, etc, it’s a single data point that doesn’t say much of anything. Show me the data please.

Fun fact: The “Spanish flu” epidemic actually originated in the U.S. It was called “Spanish” because the Spanish press, not being under wartime censorship, was the first to report on it.

Why yes. As a matter of fact I have a list of viruses named after places.


Actually, I don’t think it’s true that “Wuhan is fairly well known as a large city” in the U.S. Most Americans would be hard-pressed to pick out even the whole of China on a map. During colonial times, a British officer complained that the (Protestant-Biblicist) colonists seemed to know the geography of Palestine better than the geography of England, and there seems to have been little improvement since then of the geographical knowledge of the average American.