Racism is Pseudo-Intellectual Bunk

In a thread about a new view of racism - based on info from a woman from Zimbabwe, I was challenged on my view that Racism is nothing more than propaganda.

On my website, www.AfricanCrisis.org, I have articles about Zimbabwe and South Africa because I was born in Zimbabwe and I’ve lived in both countries during their most tumultuous years. I was present on independance day in both countries. I’ve lived here in Africa all my life.

My upcoming book has a chapter on racism in it and how it relates to the USA.

I will tell you, based on my lifetime’s experience (I grew up on a small farm in Zim), that all this stuff and nonsense about racism is just a load of pseudo-intellectual bunk and propaganda.

Let’s get some facts straight shall we? All of racism is based on a lot of faulty and unproven facts which all of you have come to believe are true. And because you believe in these things you find yourselves now reaching the “logical conclusion” that whites are racist. But, I say to you, whites in Africa and elsewhere ARE NO MORE RACIST THAN ANY OTHER RACE!! All races are racist, and whites are NO DIFFERENT.

What you call racism is based on false ideas to begin with. People forget that racism was hijacked by communists, Marxists and leftists to FURTHER THEIR POLITICAL AGENDA.

The bottom line is this: Certain people in this world, have a leftist political agenda and it can only move forward if they have a bunch of “victims”. So they found victims, and the most convenient, and largest group of these victims are blacks. Now, for them to CHANGE POLITICS and to GET THEIR WAY, they have to prove that these people are victims and that these people have been wronged. So that is where racism comes from.

At the core and heart of racism is the belief that blacks are on the bottom rung of society because of the HATRED of whites. Whites supposedly hate blacks so much that blacks never get a chance in life. Ergo, in step the politicians who will right the wrong by taking from the thieving rich to give back to the hard-done-by poor. And it will not be called STEALING, because the assertion is that it is the rich who did the stealing originally. Instead, we are merely returning stolen goods to the rightful owners, hence, it is not seen as wrong.

If you look carefully at racism, you will see a number of underlying assumptions, and if you believe these assumptions then you will have no choice but to conclude that whites are racist.

A thing to note here is that while racism theoretically can be applied to anyone, in practise it is only applied to whites who supposedly hate blacks. In practise, racism, really is only used to steal from whites because supposedly the whites stole from blacks.

So while racism seems to have an air of some logic and decency, in practise it is just a charade and is actually specifically aimed at WHITE PEOPLE. Take as an example, more black slaves went to Brazil than to America. But, who will be paying $ billions/trillions in reparations? WHITE AMERICANS! Forget the fact that there was more slavery in Brazil.

Racism is a scam aimed at stealing from whites, especially rich whites - hence the bru-ha-ha made in America over slavery there WHILE IGNORING SLAVERY ACROSS THE WORLD AND SLAVERY ACROSS HISTORY GOING BACK TO ANCIENT TIMES.

I have heard that apparently slavery is practised in the Sudan to this day. (I think WorldNetDaily.com had an artice mentioning that) - or check also www.CensorBugBear.com - a Dutch website - they definitely mentioned that.

Whites happen to be the only people to ever willingly remove slavery and to force others to stop it.

People forget blacks selling other blacks into slavery. People forget an entire empire in West Africa whose economy was based on catching other blacks and selling them into slavery.

At the heart of racism is the theory that blacks are downtrodden because they are constantly being maligned, etc. I’ve grown up surrounded by blacks all my life. I’ve seen them living in huts, I’ve been there. There’s little you’re going to tell me about blacks.

I’m going to tell you about Racism within the African context - southern Africa - that’s where I live, that’s where I know the issue. I cannot vouch for all racism everywhere, but in southern Africa, which features prominently because of all these discussions of racism, I can tell you some simple facts.

Most of the racism here is propaganda based on a TWISTED VERSION OF HISTORY which was cooked up by Russian propagandists and taught to the “black Liberators” (e.g. Mugabe, Mandela, etc).

First thing, I saw colonialism in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe. Colonialism was the best thing that ever happened to Africa. Colonialism brought peace to the 300 warring tribes of Africa. Colonialism brought Africa more development than it had EVER KNOWN BEFORE OR SINCE. I REPEAT, Colonlialism, the system which the Marxist and Leftist liars tell you STOLE FROM AFRICA - COLONIALISM BROUGHT MORE DEVELOPMENT TO AFRICA EVER. It has NEVER BEEN MATCHED - not since. $ Billions in Aid to Africa since the 1960’s, never brought a fraction of the Aid which colonialism brought to Africa.

Why is South Africa the powerhouse of Africa? Answer: More whites lived in South Africa, for longer, and made the biggest proportion of the population there (at one time numbering about 1/4 of the population). In fact, if any of you are HONEST with yourselves, you will go and look at African history AFTER colonialism and you will see, as whites were kicked out (and Asians too), that merely accelerated the collapse of African countries. Excellent examples are: Mozambique and Angola.

Africa, in resources is probably the richest continent on Earth. Parts of Africa have a fertility which will stagger you. A friend of mine went to Rwanda. He told me the ground is so fertile, the climate so wet and warm you can literally plant a stick anywhere and it will grow. The question you should all be asking yourselves, before blaming whites for everything is: WHY ARE BLACKS STARVING IN THE LAND OF MILK & HONEY? (Africa).


Why is Japan the 2nd richest nation on earth yet it has no natural resources and is far from its supplies and far from its markets?

Answer: PEOPLE.

Invest in PEOPLE. Good quality people can achieve many great things. That is why Asia is doing so well. Clever people, even in backward conditions are capable of doing well.

Africa made two mistakes: (1) Kicking out whites (2) Adopting Socialist type models.

(1) Whites are ingenious, hard-working, etc. Whites are capable and they contribute. Their main contribution is ORGANISATION and that is what brought prosperity to Africa. Whites contribute out of all proportion to their small numbers.

(2) Blacks have been adopted by communists, Marxist, socialists, leftists and liberals and most of these people believe in some form of socialism and drive blacks towards socialism. What a load of crud. Socialism doesn’t work for anyone, so why should it work for blacks?

The most successful experiment in black capitalism I’ve ever seen occured in the mid-1980’s in South Africa under apartheid. Presdent Botha changed laws and allowed a black taxi industry to exist. In my view it is the single most successful experiment in black capitalism that ever occurred on the face of this planet. That model, if expanded upon could be the future of Africa and could provide hope for black people everywhere.

The problem for blacks is that they have been “adopted” by a lot of FAKE FRIENDS on the left of the political spectrum who want blacks to forever remain victims and to grovel forever on the bottom of society instead of taking responsibility for their lives.

Blacks are not the victims people make them out to be. Blacks have screwed up at times and they suffered the consequences. If blacks in ancient Africa could not get their act together and they were invaded and colonised - well - they only have themselves to blame.

And whites are not the first to come here anyway. All across southern Africa is evidence of Indians from India (Asia) sailing here and mining gold, hundreds of years before whites came. Indians came, mined gold and took it away. The Great Zimbabwe ruins is nothing more than an Indian temple built in Africa (as propounded in a recent theory by an academic in South Africa and shown to be consist with similar temples in India). Evidence of an Indian presence here is myriad.

Colonialism WORKED. Aid WILL NEVER WORK. Handouts to Africa achieved little or nothing and will continue to achieve little or nothng. Colonliasm did what Aid never can do. Instead of pumping money into Africa, Europe pumped PEOPLE into Africa - skilled people - people who came and repeated in Africa what was done in Europe. By having them build and organise and bring science and engineering they built Africa.

Most of Africa has fallen into ruin after independance because people continue to believe that colonialism was bad and colonialists evil. That’s bunk invented by the Marxists, twisted and has now become agreed upon as the correct version of history. So kicking whites out will solve nothing. It will only make things worse because inside racism is itself a racism of its own, a deliberate hatred of white people and a deliberate lie whereby no white person is EVER given any credence for helping a black person or doing good for a black nation.

Racism itself is hypocritical and is itself even more racist than the racism which it condemns in whites.

To say, for example, that whites took the best land and gave the worst to the blacks. Rubbish. Whites looked after their land. I know about farming. I grew up on a farm. If you use manure or fertiliser and put it back into the fields your fertility will improve. Compare that with the slash-and-burn agriculture practised by blacks. White farmland originally was no different to black farmland. But applying knowledge and good methods (crop rotation, improving the soil), caused it to get better with time. Who is to blame for that?

Racism also ignores that ASIANS, who are just as “maligned” in America actually make a great success. Asian immigrants, with no money, but who have skills and work hard go on to rise.

Racism is a crutch for losers and for people who want blacks to remain as losers. Racism is a lot of fake sympathy aimed at making blacks feel better about themselves without them having to work for it like others have to do everywhere around the world. Racism is a game, a twisted version of history which takes recent centuries history out of context and ignores the entire history of the world and the many greater crimes which occured before.

Racism is a load of pseudo-scientific bunk which pretends that blacks are at the bottom rung of life because of whites and the hatred of whites. It ignores that in Uganda, for example, Asians were thrown out en masse because blacks felt threatened by them.

Racism is an attempt at trying to remove responsibility from black people for their lives. They say that to develop Africa will cost billions, maybe trillions. I can tell you, you can pour as much into Africa as you Americans and Europeans can afford. You can pour ALL YOUR MONEY INTO AFRICA and you will not save it. The reason is, because what Africa needs, is not money, but good people, and the whites who contributed to Africa were the ones who did the most good here.

If we whites were so bad, then why did the black population expode under our rule? While Red Indians died out in America, whites brought medicine to Africa and saved the lives of hundreds of millions of blacks. Albert Schweitzer possibly treated 1 million blacks in his little hospital alone. The biggest hospital in the WORLD is Baragwanath, built in Soweto, servicing ONLY BLACK PEOPLE and built by the Apartheid government. Now under the new government it is on the verge of collapse.

How many of you watch survivor Africa? Did you see the hospital in Kenya run by one man FOR THE BENEFIT OF BLACKS? And, what did you see? A modern Albert Schweitzer, a WHITE MAN FROM ITALY USING HIS OWN RESOURCES TO HELP ONLY BLACK PEOPLE.

Racism is bunk, it is in fact evil. White people are never even given a decent word of thanks for the many good things they did for blacks, and that is the most racist thing I have ever seen. A black kid gets slapped in her face and people jump up and down about it, but white people SAVE THE LIVES OF MILLIONS OF BLACKS AND NOBODY EVEN HAS THE FLIPPING DECENCY TO SAY: THANK YOU!!!

Whites have saved blacks many times. There is a story in South African history, read up about it, it exists in encyclopaedias. It is about a tribe which had a young “witch” who said she had a dream. The dream was, if they slaughtered all their cattle, then the spirits of the ancestors would drive the whites from Africa.

After much discussion the tribe decided to slaughter all their cattle - which also happened to be their food. So they slaughtered 50,000 cattle. Then the tribe started starving to death. Those who did not die, fled into white areas in the Cape - AND WHITE PEOPLE FED THEM AND KEPT THE REMAINDER OF THE TRIBE ALIVE SO THAT THEY DID NOT STARVE TO DEATH COMPLETELY.

An authority on Zimbabwean history told me a similar story one day about Zimbabwe. In about 1906, after rinderpest killed off lots of cattle, there was a terrible drought. The entire black population of Zimbabwe, numbering about 500,000 was in danger of starving to death. The 15,000 white colonlialists, imported food from South Africa THERE AVERTING THE TOTAL ANNIHILATION OF BLACKS IN ZIMBABWE.

And what would we whites like for our efforts? No, we don’t want money, but “Thank You” would be nice. At least see if you can find it in your heart to acknowledge that white people DID MANY GOOD THINGS FOR BLACKS WHICH NOBODY HAD THE DECENCY TO ACKNOWLEDGE.

False assumptions. Let’s see if you can figure out which extremist statements of yours above are the ones to which I refer.

A final thing to add:

Oh, and a final word regarding South Africa. To all the many fools worldwidwe who jump up and down regarding South Africa, Apartheid and white people. Let me remind you, that blacks in South Africa ALWAYS HAD the highest standard of living of blacks on the continent of Africa and that even after independance, blacks by the thousands fled INTO South Africa because even under Apartheid, life was better in South Africa than anywhere on the continent.

Many blacks in Africa have turned around and said that life under colonialism was better. Wait, in the next 10-20 years blacks in South Africa will turn around and say that they were better off under Apartheid. Mark my words. Remember you heard it first from ME!!

>False assumptions. Let’s see if you can figure out which
>extremist statements of yours above are the ones to which I

You people have no arguments. Just a bunch of labels. All you have in life are silly little labels like “extremist” and “racist”.


>False assumptions. Let’s see if you can figure out which
>extremist statements of yours above are the ones to which I

Oh yes, “extremist statements”. I love this. How about FACTUAL STATMENTS? Do you know what TRUTH is? Do you know what REALITY IS? Try it sometime.

I don’t think so-I don’t see anyone here saying that Farrakhan is not a racist. Racism knows no color or creed-it doesn’t matter if it’s a black man hating a white man, a white man hating a black man, the Serbs and the Croats, the Irish and the British, etc.

Well, that’s if the whole reparation thing goes through. Which is probably will not. (Hopefully, it won’t, but that’s another subject all together).

Huh? Um, examples? Cites?

Well, no one here has forgotten it.

Tell that to the Belgian Congo under Leopold II. :rolleyes:

It’s in very poor taste to keep starting threads just to promote your book.

janl, I do agree that racism was adopted as a cause by communists. They used the fight against racism as a way to promote communism (not that communist societies were actually more tolerent.)

However, racism has been real and pervasive – certainly here in the US and no doubt in many other places. I don’t want to recapitulate all the unfair things done to Blacks, Asians, Native Americans, etc. There’s not enougt space in my hard drive. But, it’s just preposterous to claim that racism doesn’t exist.

As to your point about Blacks being naturally less capable – well you should come to this country and see what Black people accomplish when they have the chance. I’ll use my cousin’s wife as an example. She became a Professor of English while raising three children and being a wonderful homemaker and hostess. She wrote two textbooks. Then she decided to become a medical doctor. While keeping her other responsibilities, she took science courses at night. Then she attended medical school and is now practicing medicine.

I agree that it’s a terrible tragedy that so many African countries are so badly governed. However, I have no doubt that given a chance, the people of Africa can achieve an enormous amount. I only hope that political conditions develop so that they do get that chance.


…and this is before anyone on this board has had a chance to formulate a response to the OP’s lengthy screed.

So since any response is cut off before it is made, where is the debate, exactly?

It’s my opinion that the OP’s post is basically a rant, rather than any attempt at engaging in debate, and as such should have been posted to the Pit.

Please try making your assertions one at a time, and allow some time for response, if you are actually interested in a debate.

My word. Well, it’s comforting to know that racism doesn’t exist… no, wait, it DOES exist… no, farther down the message says it DOESN’T exist… my head hurts. Guin, Octavia, Mademoiselle… want to go for coffee?

i agree whole heartedly… there are too many points to begin a debate on without writting a novella as your response…

We can only pray that you do not plan to write your book in English.

Just so you know, ARGUMENTUM AD CAPITALIZATION (or ad exclamation!!! ) doesn’t work and makes Baby Demosthenes cry.

…and, just because it’s useful to know where you sit before knowing where you stand: you believe in a Hollow Earth, right? Or am I thinking of someone else?


Ditto. Jan, we all like a debate, but one finds it difficult to debate an entire manifesto all at once. You might begin by defining the term in question. “Racist” means a lot of things to a lot of people.

If you’re arguing that people of all nationalities and colors are guilty of prejudging and oppressing others, I don’t think you’ll find much dissention here.

Ditto if you’re arguing that “race” itself is a misnomer, or even a myth.

If you’re arguing specifically about historical/political realities in Africa, say that.

If you just want to yell and scream about how ungrateful blacks are, well, that’s not really a debate, is it?

Which ideas of ours are you referring to? You obviously are well acquainted with the views of everyone here, and obviously have found some things we all unanimously agree on.

Please tell us what these things are, because until now we were under the impression that there was a wildly eclectic group of people here.

I’d be happy to respond if I could figure out what I’m supposed to be responding to. janl appears to have taken a half dozen or so boogeymen–slavery, communism, colonialism, some misinformed silliness about “reparations,” foreign aid, etc.–and wrapped them up in a poorly structured and highly confusing rant under the guise of “racism.” Responding to that mess would be like arguing with a schizophrenic, where everything is supposedly related to everything else.

And how does the hollow earth fit in to all that, jan?

JanL-why don’t you ask the mods to close this, and start over with ONE particular aspect-say, colonialism, or perhaps the current state of South Africa or Zimbabwe, or maybe even Apartheid?

And don’t start out accusing people-give us a chance to respond to your arguments.

Define “you people.”

Define “bunch of labels.” Please indicate how “you people” is not a lable.

Define “your ideas” and prove that none of my ideas works in practice.

Yes, extremist statements. You may not have noticed your ranting usage of the term “all”; however, at least one reader did.

If you wish others to believe that your statements are factually tre, then instead of SHOUTING “THEY’RE TRUE!!!” you should post evidence that they are true. Keep in mind that Reality in the world of proving something with evidence is not merely referencing one of your own rants as proof of another of your own rants.

I’d like to respond to this thread, but downloading the OP blew my download limit for the next 3 months.