Racist Country

Which culture is the most racist? Which 21st century culture is the most racist?

I don’t think this is something with an objective answer, quite frankly. “Most racist” by which criteria? Laws on the books? Number of xenophobic attacks?

Since no single factual answer is possible, let’s try Great Debates.

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Do you mean which sovereign state has the most people that believe belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race?

I don’t think there are too many people of moderate intelligence left who really think this is true anymore. However, there are bigger problems, not so much racial as cultural/tribal conflicts that are getting worse week by week.

One only has to look at the Middle East.

Cool. A sort-of Goedel Question! :cool:

Answer: the culture to which belongs, the supplier of any positive answer. :smiley:

Saudi Arabia?

Anyone who isn’t born and bred in Saudi-Arabic is a second-rate citizen. Not any specific race is targeted, though: all races, be it Westerners, Phillippinos or Kuwaiti’s are similarly treated. They are welcomed for the labour they bring, and otherwise despised and exploited.

There’s no racial difference between a Kuwaiti and a Saudi. That’s my point it’s perceived cultural distinctions that are a huge problem.

Xenophobia ain’t racism. (Not that it’s much better of course.)

Its even worse. Making assumptions about others that do not share distinctive physical traits is at least understandable on some level.

I’m sorry, but as far as it matters a Saudi and a Kuwaiti CAN be different race, and xenophobia certainly CAN be racism. “Racism” does not necessarily mean prejudice against commonly understood phenotype/racial groups.

A “Race” can in fact be any particular group of people who share a cultural, national or physical/genetic characteristic. Just because “Racism” in the U.S. and similar countries in recent history has generally meant “being nasty to a particular group with particular phenotypical traits” doesn’t mean that definition is the only one that means anything, or even necessarily is the most relevant one in other societies.

Race is, after all, almost entirely subjective. If Saudis think that Egyptians are a different race, then insofar as that situation is concerned, they are a different race. A Egyptian worker subjected to racism is not going to buy your theory that he’s not a victim of racism.

A perfect example of this in Western culture is the Irish. Today it would seem insane to say that white guy Seamus O’Malley is a different race from his white neighbours Jim Blair or Curt Schmidt. But 120 years ago, it was in fact a very common belief that Irish WERE a different “Race.” As a matter of fact, some people used to say that Irishmen were naturally better athletes than white folks, just as they say that about black people today.

Sorry guys, I like the Saudis, they like me. All in all, I would suppose the Koreans are the most racist. They make subtle distinctions that are beyond ordinary human understanding.

"Race is, after all, almost entirely subjective. " I think that’s my point.

No, racism is specifically a relatively recent, European conceived hierarchy of humans delineated by phenotypes and regional origin. Saudi Arabia’s example is nothing but the old-fashioned human universal of ethnocentrism.

I’m not going to disagree that Koreans are indeed quite racist, but could you explain a bit more in-depth?

As for the OP: most racist in terms of what? Are we measuring in terms of the number of casualties? State-endorsed policies? Media images? Actual physical violence?

Jeez, we’ve spent all this time and effort broadening the application of the term “racism” and now you want to go back to the specific, literal definition? Let’s make up our minds, here!

I’d put Rwanda near the top with the animosity and blood-letting between Hutu and Tutsi populations pretty darn racist, indeed.

In terms of slaughter of innocents v total population, it’s pretty impressive.

Ooh, pretty good call, actually.


Mugabe’s policies are racist without a doubt, as well as being stupid. Taking away farms from productive farmers (who happen to be white) and giving them to illiterate untrained and unwilling farmers (who happen to be black) is at least one of his policies of late.

Why? Sounds as “racist” as the conflict between the Shiites and the Sunnies - i.e., not at all.