Racoons keep entering my apartment!!!!

About a week ago I came home I came home to find a family of racoons (6 to be exact) going on a rampage in my apartment. These things were tearing up everything. I called the landlord, but only got the voice mail system, called the police but was told it wasn’t their problem and that I would have to call animal control, called animal control and found out that they don’t come out at night (the call was placed at 9:30 pm). Finally at 8:30 am the next day animal control came out and basically was told to call the landlord b/c there was a 2’x3’ hole at the side of my water heater. Also, I live in an attic, so this hole basically connected the upstairs and downstairs. Anyway, I was so upset I went to the city before going to the landlord. They called the landlord for me and shortly thereafter the landlord showed up to fix the hole. Unfortunately the racoons keep coming back, I’ve called the landlord and told them twice, but when they show up, they never see racoons so they don’t believe us (eventhough the trash has been gone through, racoon prints everywhere, etc). Now the landlord is claiming that racoons entering the apartment is the same as a person breaking and entering, so they are not responsible for any of the mess (originally they were going to clean up). Are the racoons breaking and entering into my premesis? I’m completely confused as to what to do…BTW, somebody told me that it was illegal to live in attic, is this true? I’ve looked up Illinois laws, since that the state where I live, and I keep reading where the landlord must provide safe and habitable housing. Surely they can’t consider an apartment safe with possible rabid creatures in there, or can they??? :confused:
Thanks for all the help

Contact your Public Health & Housing Authorities. They’re in the phone book.

Ask an attorney to write your landlord a letter of complaint. You’d be suprised how often that gets quick results.

I agree with the above, yes you can force your landlord to provide a certain minimal standard. However, it has been my experience that shitty landlords remain shitty landlords as each new problem arises. I would suggest you move.

Illinois Renter’s rights

bolding mine. Follow the link. I would certainly expect that most enforcement folks would find non-paying, co-renting, feral racoons as something worthy of a little concern.

What City do you live in, by the way? Laws vary by city, not just by state.

The best thing to do is move, if it is even remotely possible. You think life is hell now, but do you really think it will get better if you sue the bastard or have the city fine him for code violations?

That’s the sad fact of tenancy - you either put up and shut up or move becuase the alternative is to anger and alienate the person you depend on for shelter. Plus, in our state, you only get six months protection from “retaliation” which means after the six months is up you can, and will, get a notice that your lease will not be renewed, so you’re ultimately going to have to move anyway. Might as well do it while you can still get a good reference.

This is why I finally bought a house three months ago. I was tired of always being over barrell.

You could try steel wool, which you can get in biggish packs in the paint department of large hardware stores.

You push it in any holes or cracks they might use. It works fine for rats and possums, worth trying for raccoons.

It doesn’t have to be packed in densely. I think they don’t like to push their faces into steel wool, with its pricklyness.

Raccoons might possibly pull it out with their hands, but it only costs a few dollars. I’d try it tonight, since it’s so simple. It won’t stop you from doing one of the other solutions proposed.

Leave out a full dozen rat traps near the hole.

I suspect they’ll leave.