radiation contamination

:confused:can iodine from sea kelp tablets be used instead of potassium iodide to protect the thyroid from radiation contamination ? if so at what dosage?

Centers for Disease Control Fact Sheet onRadiation and Potassium Iodide (KI)

Note this from the link:

Duckster ,You are correct in your comment, but it is not what I asked. I already take sea kelp 300 mcg/day for a thyroid condition. And I live on the west coast, near a nuclear power plant that says it is protected from tidal waves, just like Japan said…hmmm. We can not depend on big gov’t to have an adequate supply on hand or be able to distribute in 30-180 minutes if there is a problem. SO, since I already have a large supply of sea kelp pills, do I need to go out and get KI pills, not to take but to have “ON HAND” ?

You would do best to consult your doctor rather than seek specific medical advice from an anonymous message board.

If your iodide level is high anyhow, your uptake of additional iodide will be low and you will be at low risk due to exposure. PI is an additional precaution, and is probably better targeted at children and teenagers. Chernobyl was unusual in that regard, with a local diet lower than average in iodide and no PI distribution. In addition, exposure to radioactive iodine as an adult has minimal impact on the development of thyroid-related disease - this is not the case for children, though. The following is from the wikipedia article on Iodine-131, which reflects other information sources I have heard over the past few weeks, including a couple of excellent BBC Radio 4 shows (Material World).