Radio-edit songs better than uncensored versions

I’m listening to Low-Fidelity Allstar’s Battleflag right now and reflecting that the “clean” version I’ve heard on the radio is much better than the uncensored version. The latter has “motherfing" in every verse, which the radio-edit covers up with a long, machine-stuttered version of the next word. As an example, since I know that doesn’t make sense: one verse in the uncensored says "on your motherfing knees”, and in the radio version says “on your knee-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-s” which, if you ask me, sounds much better. What other songs are there where the censored version is an improvement over the “dirty” version?

I alwaqys kinda liked the radio edit of 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted by 2Pac and Snoop Doggy Dogg. Not so much for the lack of swearing, just something seemed “fresher” about their voices, more energetic.

This is more of a remix than a radio edit, but the TLC song Kick Your Game was much better, IMO, on the radio than on CrazySexyCool.

Ice T/Bodycount’s song There Goes The Neighbourhood was much better when it replaced the phrase ‘Fking Ngers’ with ‘black boys’ (repeatedly). Not only did it sound less like someone swearing for the sake of shocking, rather than making a point, his singing on the radio version is much better too.

They used to bleep out all the swear words in Adam Sandler’s song “Ode to My Car” with honking horns. I got the uncensored version and thought “So why was this ever funny?”

Bloodhound Gang’s Fire Water Burn had, if not better, at least different radio edit. Instead of “…burn mother fer …burn" it had “…burn mother <insert chickenish sound>…burn”. Actually me and my ex wife got in an argument over whether the album version would say "fer” or not. I won.

dead0man - wasn’t it a donkey?
while not better than the uncensored version, i love the clean version of ben folds’ ‘rockin the suburbs’.

it’s impossible to censor. but they try anyway.

it just ends up sounding like:

it makes me real pissed off and it makes me want to say

same thing happens in the outro, where vocals are singing ‘you better watch out because i’m gonna say fuck’ in the background. it can’t be beeped, because that would just call attention to the fuck, and besides, at the beginning it’s barely audible. it only becomes exactly obvious what he’s saying by the end of it. and that can’t be censored, because you’ve already let all those other fucks through.

censor’s nightmare, that song.

I’d say “My Name Is” by Eminem. I thought the radio version was at least clever, then I heard the uncensored version. That was the end of that.

When I saw the subject, first thing I thought of was “Battleflag.” I didn’t even know it was censored until I tried to d/l it one day. I have nothing against swearing in songs, if that’s what it takes to get your point across. But the song itself just sounds so much cooler with that stutter.

Daowajan, I completely agree with your vote for “Ode to my car”. Much funnier when it is bleeped.

Also, Kid Rock’s “Cowboy” is for some reason better when they replace all the bad words with a woman saying “Radio edit” and bleeps.

Not a case of censorship, but the single version of the Door’s “Light My Fire,” is superior to the unedited version, since it removes Manzerek’s lousy organ solo.

I’ve always liked the censored version of the Dr. Demento classic The Rodeo Song better. I downloaded the uncut version and it just wasn’t as fun.

*Well it’s forty below and I ain’t got a truck
and I don’t give a <Beeep>
Cause I’m off to the Rodeo…

Actually, even in the uncensored version of “Cowboy” that ‘radio edit’ line is still there. I love that :slight_smile:

I like Shame on a Nuh by the Wu Tang Clan, mostly cus it masks the cursing with kung fu noises, but also because the title of the song is so ridiculous. And Ol’ Dirty can’t even say his name, he has to refer to himself as “the O.D.B.”.

Every time I hear The Beautiful South now, I laugh, because of one of the most populard daytime radio show hosts here - Pat Kenny (the housewives favorite) played it one morning, but he played the album version by mistake.

The radio version’s chorus goes “don’t marry her, have me” but the album goes “don’t marry her, fuck me”.

I nearly crashed the car when it came on and again nearly crashed the car when the song finished - they went straight to a long ad break and then came back whereupon he made a groveling apology about the content of the last song and how it may have offended some people.

Thank you, thank you – I’ll be here all week!

I’ve always really liked the radio-edit of ‘Closer’ by NIN. The line is, " I want to f*** you like an animal". You can almost, but not quite, hear the word – it almost sounds as if it’s being suppressed. I think it adds an interesting element, as if he’s not quite capable of fully expressing his desire. It’s not any better than the unedited one, just different in a likable way. The David Fincher edit, though seemed to censor almost all the words out …