"Radio" is about 'round here. Cool.

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I really didn’t give a bad crap about this movie until I picked up a copy of the local paper and read this article in a local paper and realized it was about T.L. Hanna high school in Anderson, SC

Although I’m not from Anderson I did grow up less than an hour away and have actually played football in T.L. Hanna’s stadium. Needless to say I’m pretty excited now. I think most high schools have a guy like Radio around, not the brightest guy in the world but enthusiastic, sweet and a person who despite being a little . . . slow, maybe, actually contributes in real ways with little or no pay. I almost feel guilty about wanting to see it now just because it’s local.

I was just wondering if everybody else is not really interested in it like I was, just because it looks like a sappy feel good story and kind of . . . boring.

I’m 15 minutes from T.L Hanna High School.
I’m excited to see it too. I remember hearing about Radio when I was a kid.
It does look like a sappy feel-good movie which usually isn’t my cup o’ tea, but I’m intriqued and most likely I will be dragging my husband to see the sneak preview tomorrow night.

The fact that the line, “Maybe Radio has more to teach us than we can teach him” was in the trailer means I’m staying far far away.

I read the original article in Sports Illustrated, and it was probably the most moving thing I’d ever read in that.

I’m scared that it got two cups of sugar poured on it on the way to the screen.