Radio Shack's Newest Giveaway...

the good folks over at Radio Shack ave a new promotion. It is called the Cue Cat, and it is a nifty litle device for your computer.

Basically, you hook the plastic cat-shaped wand into your keyboard port (you get to keep using you keyboard via a passthrough cable) and it is installed. Once you get to this point, the real fun begins.

Not only is the Cue Cat a great match to you Microsoft Intelli Mouse because of the red light emitted from it’s nose, but it servers as a bar-code scanner. Basically, once you have the software installed, you can simply scan the Cue Cat over any Barcode, UPC, or ISBN you can find, and the software automatically opens the corresponding website. This is truely a great thing…

I have had mine for about a month, and I have only found a handful of things that do not register, and when tey don’t, you can submit all of the info to them in hopes that their databases are completed. Now, since this is a free item, I don’t see any reason to not get one. There is one thing though, they don’t seem to really advertise this promotion, so there are no signs indicating the Cue Cat’s presence. Just ask a rep for one, and they will hand it over…simple.

I am sure that any programmer could do some pretty trivial programming to make new uses for the Cat…lemme knowwhat you guys think of the ones you may already have…

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I’ve never tried one. Let us know how it works and how your spam volume fares.

so far so good…there hasn’t been one add to come through my mail. Really, it seems like they make their money through advertising on their mainsite…thats all I can figure out