Radiohead sells out H'wood Bowl in 0 minutes!

Did anyone get through Ticketmaster this AM for Radiohead tickets? I don’t know of anyone who is ever successful at this type of thing. I realize that Hollywood Bowl is a smaller venue, and that the LA/S. Cal area is huge. But come on. No tickets available, after going online exactly at 10 AM and typing in the funky words?

I even tried for early release tickets yesterday, as a member of KROQ’s Street Team. No luck.

This is just a sham, right? The only people who are getting these tickets are the ticket brokers, or so it seems.

So, what’s your Ticketmaster horror story?

I got Radiohead tickets for Toronto. They cost me $35.50 before the ticketmaster “service” charges…including all of the fees and charges they ended up at $50.84 each.

That’s a 50% markup, it’s absolutely ridiculous.

At least I got tickets. The last time that they came to town my sister had the website timeout after submitting the order and she lost the tickets. You don’t get a second chance when Radiohead comes to town if something screws up the first time.

I got tix for Houston. I tried through the Radiohead website for the presale but they went onsale at a weird time and I missed them. I was online right as they went onsale at ticketmaster and got lawn seats so there was almost no reserve available (last time, I was able to get reserved). I think the presale might have sold more tickets than last time they toured.

Burns: [chuckles] And to think, Smithers: you laughed when I bought
TicketMaster. “Nobody’s going to pay a 100% service charge.”
Smithers: Well, it’s a policy that ensures a healthy mix of the rich
and the ignorant, sir.

:frowning: It’s true. I really wish there was another way.

There is. Don’t pay it.

It’s a concert, it’s not a requirement of life. As long as people keep paying they’ll keep charging.

That happened to me yesterday with Flight of the Conchords tickets, except instead of a time-out I got an error message. I managed to get back in after several minutes of trying, but I could only get half as many tickets (I originally reserved four, I could only get two) and the seats weren’t as good.

Something’s definitely not O.K. with the computer…

Radiohead could get away with charging $100 for their tickets and still sell out, I reckon…

I suspect you’ll be able to get tix at face value at The Bowl the day of the show. People buy up everything via various schemes when they go on sale, but they can’t always scalp them for a profit. Take some cash and walk along Highland Ave. an hour or two before the concert.

Tickets went on sale today for their show at the Bell Center in Montreal in August…I can’t find tickets for it at ticketmaster…did it sell out already? How is this legal? How come Ticketmaster can buy 10,000 tickets to a show and sell them for a 50%-100% markup, yet I, as an individual, can’t?

Great idea. I would have never thought of this myself :smack:

I’ll definitely try this. Thanks! Worst thing that can happen is no tickets, so I go to Hollywood and Highland and spend all my money at Victoria’s Secret and Sephora.

I saw Radiohead last time they were at the Hollywood Bowl. Tickets cost $130 each, got themon eBay, but it was worth it. Best concert I’ve ever been to.

Getting lawn seats for the St. Louis show wasn’t hard, but Ticketmaster did charge $10-15 in fees. All I know is I owe my friend $45 for mine. He did say the reserved tickets were either already sold out or damn close when he bought the lawn seats, and I think he bought them right away. We didn’t want reserved anyway because lawn is cheaper and you can still smoke out there.

A **face value ** price of 38.50 for a band as big as Radiohead IMO is quite reasonable- cheap actually.

I would gladly pay upwards of $100 or more, but the point I was trying to make was that within less than a minute, all tickets were sold out. How is that possible? They have to be selling blocks of tickets to the brokers before the public gets a change to buy. Joe Citizen basically has no chance of getting tickets on the day they go on sale. Sucks. I’ll try e-bay but am less than optimistic that there will be anything in my price range.

Thanks for the input. I agree, $fifty something to see Radiohead is a steal.

It appears that Ticketmaster themselves have been profiting from the resale of Radiohead tickets.

Tickmaster Now in the Ticket Scalping Business