Rage-New Trump book by Bob Woodward

I’ve mentioned in other threads that Fear, the first Woodward book on Trump is the only one I’ve bought. Rage will also definitely be on my purchase list. Every Woodward book is worth reading, they’re certainly not all 5 stars but they provide good insight.

It’s weird, if you flip through Fear, it seems like it’s from an era long gone as there have been so many staff turnovers in Trump’s administration.


I have only heard of his first book, All the President’s Men co-authored with Carl Bernstein, but it turns out Rage will be his 20th book:

Yes, Woodward is a famously prolific author. He wrote, I believe, four volumes on the history of the George W. Bush administration.

Not all of Woodward’s subjects have been happy with his results; John Belushi’s family famously hated Wired, the book Woodward wrote on Belushi’s life. But, generally, he is seen as even handed, which might be why politicians keep granting him access.

I haven’t read Wired and never will, zero interest in the topic. I’ll dig up Maestro and give it another chance. When it first came out, I thought Greenspan was a God, my opinion has gone down over the years.

Here’s a list of his books ranked by someone’s preference