A poster placed this on a thread regarding the musical group Rage Against the Machine regarding whether or not they were hypocrates, cop-outs, whatever. It is not really important.

My question: What is the cause? “You people” annoy me.
Any belief in the importnace of freedom, capitalism, or the ability of people not to be caught, perpetual pawns or kings in a zero-sum game, etc. is merely a result of my own ignorance of human suffering and my small, contorted, affluensic mind. The only path to salvation is through a toppling of “the system.” Nothing is consentual, someone is always on topped, the other oppressed.

Your simplistic approach annoys me. Your emotional pleas annoy me. You people annoy me.

Nothing personal, do not be overly offended.

Go ahead, teach me. I’ll make a significant effort to listen, perhaps i’ll join “the movement”. I’ll try hard to stay open.

Thanks, threemae

My biggest problem with folks who flock like sheep to the “Topple the system” cry is that none of them have any idea what to replace it with.

This system works, albeit not in the best way, or in the way the creators of said system intended.

I’m all for replacing it… but with what?

For those of you who, like Rage, think that a Communist/Socialist system would work, I just have to say that the larger the controlled group, the harder it is to control them in a Socialist setting.

Me, I’m a rational anarchist, but I know that 99% of the other humans here aren’t ready for the responsiblity in that sort of system (or non-system, as it were)…

yup. there is no way that the US will work as well as peole want it to. let alone as a socialist state. why? it’s just too damn big. truly just governments only work with a small sampling population.

so what are we to do? I don’t know. but i have a sick feeling in the pit of my gut that globalization is the worst way to go.

so i agree with rage. not evenin their “REFORM THE FUCKING SYSTEM” interp, but in the “don’t let things get worse than they are, DAMMIT!” mode. oh well.


Socialism didn’t work. Communism was a bust. Dictatorships fail. Kingships caused even more problems. Democracy seems the only way.

However, democracy can be improved. Democratic politics seem to be inherently corruptible, but until another, workable system is found, based on democracy, we’re stuck. Power goes to the rich, who basically manipulate the political powers and can access military might to keep it that way. Install mostly incorruptible politicians and you have the greatest democratic system that there ever will be.

As Winnie said:

“Democracy is the worst possible form of government. Except for all of the others.”