rain dance--or how I caused the power to go out in an entire shopping center

:smiley: I am superhappy.

Tonight was special. The boy decided to give in to my incessant seasame chicken craving, and took me out for chinese food. During dinner, it started to rain. Hard. And fast. And a lot.

So, the boy and I finish dinner, and, well, since we are in a shopping center…I need a printer cartridge. So, we dart across the parking lot in the rain. Maybe 50 feet to the car. And I found every single puddle on the way there! Woohoo! :smiley:

We head up to the office supply store. Park car in different lot. And I find every puddle on the way into the store. And I found a big spider. Huge. He was cute. By that point, I’m soaking and the rain picks up again.

Rather than just get the cartridge and drive home, we decide to stop at one of the bookstores in the plaza. Woohoo…more puddles and rain to play and dance in!

But, on the way to the bookstore, I saw my friends car parked. evil grin I know where she works. So, I took off, ran into the store where she works, and headbutted her…in the boob. Got her shirt all wet. (Her managers saw the whole thing and just started laughing.)

…so…after some quality time dancing in the rain and jumping in puddles and laughing and generally pissing off the people who were shopping and eep getting wet…we head to Wal-Mart. Nice big Super Wal-Mart. Had to pick up some things.

I got about half of the items that I needed, and BOOM No more power at Wal-Mart. I start laughing. Doing the evil laugh. Like I caused the whole thing. Well…I do have this uncanny knack with electronics–I can look at something electrical and it will break. Just like that. The boy blamed me for the power outage (jokingly, of course). And then we leave Wal-Mart…and find that power in the whole shopping center is out.

My rain dance is pretty powerful stuff.

You made me giggle :smiley:

Evil, bad, naughty ghandi!

Have the boy spank you for me. It sounds like you had fun, but still, you must be punished.