Rainbow Sux(computer games)

  • I’m none too hip about games; I don’t often have time for playing, so I don’t pay real close attention to what comes out, much. I only own a couple and usually only even consider a game until after it has been a great success.
  • I just bought a popular action game and found out that it doesn’t support any kind of game controller - only the keyboard and mouse. I don’t understand this at all: I don’t play games to improve my typing. What is this shit? - Mavis Beacon’s Rainbow Six???
  • Anyway, I e-mailed for how to return it; I don’t want to bother even trying. It doesn’t seem so demanding to insist on some type of game controller compatibility - I’ve got three different kinds. I figured I had everything covered.
  • Before I buy again, are there any other popular action games that don’t support game controllers? I saw that there’s a new Tomb Raider coming out (or maybe already out?). Does it still use the crappy gamepad control, or did they move up to real joystick support? - MC

I dont know why you would want a joystick for that type of game anyway. There is no way you could get the same amount of control using a joystick rather than kb and mouse. Also, using the kb for games does not improve your typing, unless the game is on a typing tutor. I play Q2 and my hands dont even sit in the same position as when Im typing. So, learn to use the kb and mouse and you might get good at some of these games and start to like them.


      • Not likely.
      • Any game that involves running around, shooting at something and trying to evade being shot really needs decent controls. The game is supposed to be the challenge, not the controls. - MC

I used to play Doom and Quake a lot. Then I went without playing FPS games until Half-Life. The controls were at first very hard to get used to. It was awkawrd for me, at the time, to get use keyboard and the mouse.

Now I’m a Half-Life master, perforating houndeyes left and right.

Give the game a few days practice. Also, RS is an unusually complex-to-control game, as far as FPS’s go, so maybe work up to it.

Back off, man. I’m a scientist.

If you can strafe jump, crouch, fire a rocket and switch to chaingun by the time you land while telling your teammate where the enemy is with a joystick in any fps game let me know which ones. A tiny bit of coordination is all it takes to master the mouse/kb combo and all that switch never go back. I play with hundreds of people a month and none of the better players use a joystick.

I never did prefer the joystick for 1st-person action games. If the stick is sensitive enough make very large movements quickly, it’s too sensitive to easily allow small adjustments. (The reverse is also true.)

The mouse makes a lot more sense for aiming. For fine adjustments, you move it a small distance with your fingertips, and retain good control. For a fast turn, you move your whole arm, and sweep the thing halfway across your desk.

Laugh hard; it’s a long way to the bank.

  • It still bites. I’d have rather had the option to play singly a’ la’ Half-Life rather than have to learn all that stuff just to play at all. If you want to run all that crap yourself, fine, but if not you should be able to avoid it - either run it automatically or just leave it out. - MC

If you want to stay with the joystick and play video games might I suggest a few…any flight simulator, pacman, frogger, donkey kong, q-bert. Those should be closer to the games you would enjoy with a joystick. If you prefer a paddle than perhaps Pong would tickle your fancy. =)


Game industry surveys have shown that, for 1st-person shooters, only a minority of players prefer the joystick. Even among that group, very few users will refuse to learn another method of control. Because of these surveys, some game companies don’t bother to include joystick support in their products at all.

So if this bothers you, MC, your best bet is to send a letter to the publisher of the game, and tell them you returned Rainbow Six because you can’t use your joystick with it. One hopes that if they get enough complaints, their future products will allow use of a joystick.

Just realized, Half-Life and System Shock 2 (two relatively new major FPS games) are compatible with joysticks.

I guess R6 is the anomaly.

  • First of all, I’m asking why they neglected to include controller support, not why they don’t eliminate keyboard support. Also, it does not say on the box that it does not support controllers; if it did, I wouldn’t have bought it.
  • Secondly, brain-trust, why do you suppose that modern combat airplanes use joysticks? Why not use keyboards and mouses, if it’s so damn great? -Because it ain’t, that’s why. Do you even know why mouses have become so popular? BECAUSE IT WAS EASIER THAN USING THE KEYBOARD!!!
  • I dunno what (if) you’re thinking, but making a game more challenging by complicating the controls is inferior to making the controls simple and the game difficult. - MC

Wow MC,

Your inferior video game knowledge preceeds you. The kb/mouse combo is actually not difficult at all. Your lack of hand-eye coordination shouldnt be taken out on video game makers or me. If mouse/kb was so hard to use than 99% of fps game players wouldnt use it. You yourself said your not hip to the video game scene and yet you all of a sudden have these bright ideas and opinions about them. Ive been playing fps games for years and with hundreds of people.

Flight simulators arent best with joysticks because it is easier…but because it is more realistic since most fighter jets Ive ever seen inside of have a similar control to fly/shoot with. If all you had to do in fps games is steer and shoot than a joystick would be fine. If you would like a free lesson in fps games than come anytime to the Q2 lobby at heat.net in the evenings and Id be glad to show you the maneuverability differences.

      • Actually the views in Rainbow Six look a lot like views in Virtus Walkthrough Pro or some other Virtus product. I note that none of the Virtus products seem to support game controllers either, but they’re 3D modeling programs, not games. - MC