"Rainbow tornado" photoshop - original image location?

You might have seen this photoshop doing the rounds as a “real photo”. Can anyone help me identify the source image(s)? I’ve trawled through hundreds of rainbow photos on Google Images and can’t find the original rainbow pic. I’ve seen it suggested that the location may be the California Coast Ranges (not Sedona, Arizona, as the composite is often labelled).

The hills certainly bear a superficial resemblance to California, but the trees look more like eucalyptus than oaks to me. Also, the steep slope beyond the water in the left background does not look like coastal California. Based on the trees, somewhere in Australia?

If both the hills and the rainbow are part of the original image, then there are some friggin’ enormous mountains just behind the camera, to be casting those shadows on the hills in the picture. I suspect, though, that the rainbow and the tornado are both shopped in.

Central CA does have plenty of terrain like that as well as eucalyptus.

Concur. I lived near and drove through hills like that for decades, and I’ve never seen anything quite like them anywhere else. Some parts of Spain were close.

I believe the foreground shadows are cast by clouds, not mountains behind the camera.

As a coastal SoCal native I concur the terrain & trees are plausibly central or northern California. That’s not to say the terrain is definitively from there.