I’ve just looked up from my desk to see a glorious rainbow arching across the Sydney skyline. It’s a lovely sight. Straight away I recalled the mnemonic I learned all those years ago at school - Richard of York grew bananas in vain.

You never heard of Roy G. Biv?

You’ve just taken me back 20ish years - opening the curtains on my first morning in Sydney to see the harbour laid out in front of me - a fleet of tall ships in full sail coming in under the bridge, black black sky behind them, bright metallic sun on the harbour itself - and a double rainbow vaulting across the sky, echoing the curve of the “coat-hanger”.

(On my first morning in Adelaide I opened the curtains to find a huge dope plant growing outside - but that’s another story…)

My most memorable rainbow nearly broke my heart. It was my daughter’s first, and when I pointed it out to her, she asked me to drive her closer. When I explained that I could not, she cried, and said, “But Mommy! I want to stand in the pink!”

My second favorite rainbow appeared last summer as I was leaving the Renaissance Faire on closing day. It had been a great season and I would not be seeing my faire friends again for nearly a year. I turned for one last look and saw a rainbow arching over the gates.

Weirdest rainbow: a perfect double-arch… over a K-Mart :dubious: