Rainn Wilson aka Dwight Schrute on Leno's show 7/20

Did anyone watch this last night? I had never seen Mr. Wilson anywhere except The Office. He was freakin hilarious! A rare bird, for sure, but very entertaining, and oddly attractive in a way. For anyone who saw it, what did you think? Also, did anyone else think Jay was being kind of a dick? He’s usually falling all over himself to smooch celebrity booty and yet I found him to be uncharacteristically pissy(I got the impression he was trying to look cool in front of Colin Farrell).

I missed him on Leno, but Rainn Wilson is a Very Special Character Actor.

I first saw him on Six Feet Under. (The last three seasons.) His character there is very similar to Dwight. Fantastic!

I can’t wait to see My Super Ex-Girlfriend.

I just caught Tom Petty at the end… they showed Rainn at the end… dressed like Miami Vice.

Yeah, probably a lot of us know him as the guy from Six Feet Under. He was pretty unforgettable.

He was one of the guys who worked at Rolling Stone in Almost Famous. I always thought that was supposed to be Hunter S. Thompson but he’s credited with a different name.

It’ll probably show up on YouTube since his appearances on Ellen and Jimmy Kimmel are there already (and both are funny).

I find him to be a definite hottie. I’ve always had a thing for geeky guys, and Rainn Wilson epitomizes geekiness.