Raising Age Eligibility for Social Security Retirement Benefits

The subject might be a GD, but I’m still formulating an opinion so I’ll post it here.

Currently, 10,000 boomers become eligible for SS everyday, that will continue for 20 more years.

This will obviously present challenge to the government.

Is there any serious movement (on either side of the aisle) to substantially increase the age at which someone is eligible for SS retirement benefits?

I’m not talking about changing anticipated benefits for someone who’s 50 or 60, or even 40.

What about a plan that states that anyone born after 1993 (or 18 at the time of the bill’s enactment) is ineligible for social security retirement benefits until age 75? Or 80?

Considering that the average life expectancy in the US at the time of SS’s ratification was the early 60s, pushing it to 80 wouldn’t violate the spirit of the New Deal (or would it? Educate me)

I believe they’ve already done it.

The retirement age difference isn’t substantial (yet), but given that it’s already on a graduated scale it’s just a matter of modifying the scale a bit at a time…

My objection to Raising Age Eligibility for Social Security Retirement Benefits is that we will have a lot of not-so-old geezers taking up much needed jobs. I got out of the workplace because of marginal health, opened up a slot for someone younger, knowing that I could get SS and Medicare. Otherwise I would have stayed on the job, marginally productive, because I needed the benefits, not because of the salary.

Yes, they’ve already done it. I was born in 1962, so the age when I will be eligible for full SS benefites is 67.

My proposed compromise of simply euthanizing the baby boomers was dismissed, I thought, without due consideration.

Oh, no, I considered it. Carefully.

I also approved the idea. Better get started. :wink:

Sorry to post and run.

I saw (by estimating my own benefits) that my benefits begin at 62, I reach full benefits at 67, and if I hold out to 70, I get even more.

So I know there’s a graduating scale.

But that still seems pretty young (based on life expectancy).

LE is currently 78 which means SS recipients receive full benefits for ~11 years.

I think in the interest of keeping SS solvent after the boomers stop collecting, we should consider raising the age to 80 (with no partial eligibility prior to that.)

That’s a good point.

The Balding-Guys-With-Pony-Tails-And-One-Earring Lobby will never allow this.

Clearly you are a young person. Do you love your job so much, love working so much that you want to still be doing it at age 79? :dubious:

Oh, and I propose, in order to keep SS solvent, young people should double their contributions.

From my OP

I’m not talking about changing anyone’s benefits who have already begun to contribute.

Say we pass the law tomorrow, every minor (U18) wouldn’t be eligible until they’re 80 (unless they’ve already begun to work)

Ok. We could also scrap the $106,800 cut-off

Missed the edit window - when SS was originally designed it seemed they pegged the scheduled benefits very close to life expectancy, why not continue to do that?

That was my idea as well and I have your back on that one as well as my vote if you ever decide to run for office. I love my parents and other other family members most of the time but the Baby-Boomers learned how to suck up massive amounts of resources (starting with selfish bong hits) and crave attention early on. It isn’t really their fault but it is time that we take grandma Linda and uncle Greg to live on the ‘family farm’ and let the young kids wave them goodbye and best wishes as a ceremonial station wagon peels off into the sunset never to be seen again. I am sure they will love it there.

The new generation will be better off for it overall and at least they understand technology from age two onwards and they seem like a well-grounded group. I am scared for my young daughters. They could become combined wage slaves, nurses, housekeepers, and tech support for those who did incredibly stupid things including interior decorating and fashion that is an an embarrassment to humanity. Photos of these things still exist (I even have some safely hidden in my safe) and are sometimes shown openly to young people and that is not acceptable to me as a parent.

It is time for us to start a counter-revolution and get them in a safe place as fast as possible before they institutionalize their grandkids into virtual slavery.

Too late. Well, if not exactly slavery, at least crushing debt.

My lawn, please to stay off it.