Raising one eyebrow--practised skill or natural talent?

When I was seven I tried to teach myself to raise one eyebrow. I’d sit for what seems like hours, but all I ever accomplished to an intermittent expression of total surprise.

Freaked my grandmother out when she saw me.

I can also do Dueling Eyebrows.
And that is possibly the cutest baby EVER.

I want Dueling Eyebrows! mope

I can raise my right eyebrow if I want to do the :dubious: expression, but not my left. Life has been so cruel to me :frowning:

I can only raise my right eyebrow, and I’m a righty. My right-handed sister can only raise her left eyebrow. So if there’s a correlation with handedness, it’s not perfect.

I can do both.

Anyway. I’m about as lefthanded as they come, and I can only raise my right eyebrow independently. I don’t think handedness is really a factor at work here…

First: That picture belongs on a greeting card, for sure. She looks like the cleverest baby ever captured on film!

Second: I am right-handed and can raise my left eyebrow with ease, but must work to raise my right.

I’m like mlerose’s mom, except that I do know when I’m doing it. I can’t control it and can’t usually lift just one eyebrow on purpose.

DAMN YOU! Beat me to it!! :mad: :mad:

Your baby is absolutely ADORABLE. It belongs on a widely-circulated email forward, a greeting card (as someone already mentioned), or something…

I have no trouble raising either of my eyebrows. I don’t ever remember it being difficult. I’m guessing you can either be born with it, or if not, you can “train” yourself to do it.

I can do both. All the males on my father’s side can. Can you guys wiggle the ears too?

I couldn’t do it until as a teenager, I saw someone else doing it and wanted to learn.

I practiced holding the muscles in place and then letting go, until I learned what it “felt” like to make each movement and learned to do it without using my hands. After learning how to mash one brow down, pull the other one up (both sides), I learned to control the muscles at the back of the brow without pulling the front down to a furrow; that is, I can lift the backs of my eyebrows up either independently from one another or together to form a very Spock-like expression.

I can lift each one by itself either way, I can switch back and forth very quickly, and I can do a sort of “wave” by lifting the corner of one and raising/lowering it across my forehead to the other side. If you saw “Once Bitten” that movie in the 80s with Jim Carrey, I think there’s a scene in there where he does this. I can also fake a lot of nervous twitches and ticks.

I tend to use facial expression to communicate more than most people, I think. I’ve been told I’m like a character from a comic book that’s walked off a page and into real life (funny enough that I turn myself into a comic years later.)

I was very popular in drama class.

im right handed and can easily raise my right eyebrow and a little less easily the left. always been able to, from memory i know a few people who’ve learned to do it though.

She’s a cutie.

My father could do it, and I remember trying to emulate him when I was maybe 5 or 6. I can raise either eyebrow at will independantly of each other.

My 5th grade teacher could do it, and I thought it was the coolest thing I’d ever seen, so I spent the year learning. It’s become quite useful since the children have gotten older. :wink:

I’ve tried for years, and have never been able to raise either eyebrow independently. I can only wink with my left eye, and I can feel some kind of connection there - I don’t generally even attempt to raise my right eyebrow as a rule. Right handed, fwiw.

I’ve taught myself, but only one … that was sufficient to imitate Roger Moore, who was the one who inspired me to want to learn to do this in the first place (I’m just a tad bit too young to be a Sean Connery guy, or at least to have been one at that age).

i’ve always thought it was genetic, like being able to roll your tongue or wiggle your ears.

My Dad can do the very impressive either/or/waving brows, and 2 of the 4 kids inherited the ability. Alas, I was not one of them, and was horribly jealous and tried desperately to teach myself, including scotch-taping one side or the other and practicing for hours and hours as a teen.

I never managed it, although I can make my eyes move independantly, wiggle my nostils and ears and do the aforementioned tounge thing.

I may have went a bit far overcompensating, eh? :dubious:

My son’s been able to cock one brow since infancy and it just slays me, really difficult when he was in the terrible twos and would try to use that look to distract Mommy.

Awww, thanks! We think she’s pretty great. :smiley: (It’s a good thing we like her, with some of the diapers she’s been having lately.)

I’m left-handed, and can only raise my left eyebrow, so that goes agin’ the handedness theory.