Poll: When was the last time you raised an eyebrow?


What caused it?

Which eyebrow was it?

Are you left or right handed?

I know this thread is odd. I am posting it anyway.

I do this all the time. I think I last did it when reading the responses to my CS thread, which did not go over as intended. I’m better at raising my left eyebrow than my right, so that’s the most natural one for me to use. I’m right-handed.

Anything else? :dubious: :stuck_out_tongue:

I finished raising an eyebrow several years back. It’s gone on to a career and a life with a like-minded eyebrow, and we’re expecting them to have a mini-brow early next year. We only hope it’s not a unibrow.

I’m right-handed. Why?

Just wondering if people raise the same eyebrow as which hand they use most.

I can’t do it, and I so wish I could. What more useful expression is there sometimes? Oh, and I’m ambidextrous, so make of that what you will.

OK, seriously, I just checked, and I raise my left eyebrow. I can’t even make the right one do it. Can’t think of when I did it last, though, or for what reason.

Following the example of the Great Saint Spock, many years ago I practiced eyebrow-raising and Vulcan-gesturing with great fervor. As a consequence, I now raise my eyebrows quite easily and often.

I am righthanded. The right eyebrow raise is for confusion, or deep thought, or dubiousness. Usually. The left eyebrow raise usually accompanies a grin. Again, usually. I’m am-brow-dextrous.

I also do this all the time. The last time was when I read the thread title…

Oh, you mean before that? Must have been this morning when a friend-of-a-friend tried to sell me a broken mobile phone. :dubious: I knew it was broken because I broke it.

I am right-handed. It is my left eyebrow. I cannot raise my right eyebrow independently.

Today. Probably five minutes ago.

When I was pretty young, like 12, I noticed my aunt did this all the time. So I trained myself to do it. My eyebrows are arched, so I can’t do it very high, but I almost always do it with the right eyebrow.

I am right-handed, and I use it for dubiousness, just like this guy: :dubious: only I used it before I got here.

I can do it with the left too, but it’s much harder and requires actual concentration.

Mens Room

Left Eyebrow


both move, but the right higher. I’m right handed.

When I was nine or ten, I decided to teach myself how to sneer and used my finger to push my lip up in a curl on one side until I trained the muscles to do it independently.

I can raise my left eyebrow but not my right. I am right handed.

I do this all the time. I am right handed and I can raise either eyebrow with equal facility.

I’m right handed, but I raise my left eyebrow all the time. A lot of people think I’m just copying The Rock, but I’ve been doing it my whole life.

I can raise my left eyebrow, or both. I can’t do just the right one - looks like I’m caught in mid-sneeze.

Right handed.

I use the single brow for “Suuuuuuuure, ok, anything you say” moments, and the double for “wow, really?”

The last time, it was in response to a politician’s statement.

I raise the left brow while squinching down the right.

I’m right-handed, and my right eye doesn’t adjust properly to bright light, so I squint on the right, in bright light. I suppose I look skeptical when I step out into the sun.

The last time I raised an eyebrow was sometime early in October. Then I got Botox treatments for my migraines (nothing else was working, but that’s another story) and now I’m incapable of lifting them and will be for a few more months.

It used to be the case that I could raise either eyebrow independently, but now I can only raise the left; I do it all the time, many times a day probably and in fact my face is no longer symmetrical as a result.

I’m right handed, as is only good and proper.

I raise my left eyebrow and smile when I make a joke or say something suggestive. I am right handed.

I can’t raise one eyebrow I can only do both at the same time. I have tried to raise one and I have been told I look like popeye :rolleyes:

I am right handed