Raising the Mammoth (is that it?)

After months of hype and anticipation, the Discovery Channel finally aired “Raising the Mammoth.” I was pretty excited about seeing it, but was very disappointed. I guess the title was appropriate because that’s all they did was “raise the mammoth” and nothing more. I wanted to see this thing once they got it back to the ice cave, hell, I heard that the damn thing wouldn’t even fit in the cave. Why didn’t they show us that? Was anyone else disappointed in the show? I mean, what they gave us was good, but how about a little more. It was kind of like the movie “Contact” in that it ended right where you wanted it to begin.

I thought it was fascinating all the way up to the point that I fell asleep. It was right after the horrendous storm, where they thought they’d freeze to death.

After, instead of high-tailing it out of there, they had to go re-dig out the mammoth first.

His dog was dead, everyone was very close to losing their lives, but let’s make sure we uncover the freakin’ carcass first! Priorities, priorities!


I had to watch The X-Files so I taped the “encore” broadcast that started right after the first one (and X-Files). I did catch the very tail end of it though. Enough to tell me that they didn’t actually show the mammoth. Oh well. I’ll watch it anyway.

I was impressed by the diligence of the camera crew, Best Boy, Grips, the Audio & Vidio Emgineers & the Script Girl (Person?) who, when facing death kept on taping!

Yeah, I definitely expected more, what with all the hoopla and fanfare. All we got to see of the thing was some hair. Sheesh. I think I would have preferred that they wait to air the show until AFTER they’d cracked the thing out of the ice block. Although, I did get a helluva education on mammoths…

“Not everybody does it, but everybody should.”

Wasn’t the executive producer Geraldo Rivera?

Once in a while you can get shown the light
in the strangest of places
if you look at it right…

Rhythmdvl – well, now that we’ve established the tone of this discussion –

I mentioned the mammoth to my daughter (she’s 33) several months ago. She asked where it was found and I honestly couldn’t remember exactly. She said “Africa?” And I said “No, someplace cold.” She said “North Africa?”

Think she could qualify for one of Leno’s sidewalk interviews?

(She claimed to be joking. I’m not sure.)

I watched it too, well, sort of. I fell asleep. I caught the very end, though, and when I didn’t see a mammoth, I was mighty honked off. They’d darn well better clone that thing. I could have gone out last night, but I didn’t. I wanna see some mammoth, dammit!

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Yup. I wanted to see the thing. We saw fur, some bones, they even said the thing smelled foul, but the didn’t chip the damn thing out. WTF? Still, the show was kinda cool.

Who died? They dedicated the film to the memory of someone. I wasn’t paying attention to the names of the people. shrug

I was bored with the North American parts. I’ve seen similar docs on that already. I liked the helicopters. :wink:

They really should have had the mammoth exposed. So much build-up, so little payoff. If I were making this documentary, I would have cut it to an hour, then used a second hour to show the carcass and the studies being performed upon it.

I guess they were just in a hurry to get it aired.

I had heard that while they obiously found a frozen mammoth, the mammoth was already rotting when it was frozen. It’s basically useless.

I just read an article on abcnews.com that said it may take as long as a year to completely thaw out the bugger. I guess that’s why they didn’t show it to us.

I just thought that I would revive this almost 11yr old topic about Raising the mammoth.I remember watching this show back in March of 2000.

Keep looking; there’s probably lots of topics you remember from 2000!

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Hold on- Wasn’t there talk recently of reviving a mammoth?? Or, did I hallucinate it?
Perhaps, if we squint, we can make a connection.
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Yes there is. Apparently advances in dna recovery have made this a total reality. There is work being conducted now on this project.

Screw your mammoths-I want to see a tasmanian tiger returned to life!

Might be a little more difficult. I’m not certain we have good enough samples, OR a viable surrogate mother.

*Revive *it? So, did you forget you changed channels from Discovery to Syfy? :smiley:
One of my favorite student essays ever was from a 7th grader writing about global warming and glaciers. “If the glaciers melted, that would be really bad because then the dinosaurs would get loose again and eat us.” Too bad we couldn’t grade based on how entertaining they were.