Raj Rajaratnam

This is a story about insider trading, hedge funds, and other stuff I don’t know anything about. But the media coverage is missing what I think is the most salient point of this story, and that is that “Raj Rajaratnam” is a really fun name to say.

Try it. Raj Rajaratnam. Rrrrrrrraaaaaaajjjjjjj Rajaratnammmmmmmm!!! Roger-dodger. Rajarajarajarattttttt…nam! I can’t stop saying this guy’s name. It’s become like a mantra to me. Tonight I’m going to sit on a mat in the lotus position and chant the name of Raj Rajaratnam to balance out my chakras. Who’s with me?

Good morning and Raj Rajaratnam to you all. Doesn’t anybody want to get in on this goodness?

Heh…I called my friend Raj up yesterday morning after hearing the story on NPR just to share the guy’s name.

The guys on Car Talk (the NPR radio show about car questions) were once enamored of the sound of a caller’s name - Arup Gupta. I think they also discussed whether it might be a good meditation.

Rodger-dee-Dodger. The Artful Dodgeratnam.

Raj Rajaratnam, bo-Bajaratnam, banana fanna fo Fajeratnam.

1997 Dodge Caravatnam Sport with four-wheel drive…