Ralph Nader, come on! You want the money!

Running as an Independant?!? The Green Party can get you national fundraising, public funds like in 2000, AND you’re a shoo-in for the nomination!!

Guess the Dems have a right to be pissed, he’s just trying to get his name in the papers. But, I’m now a huge “grassroots” supporter of Nader. I’m going to do all I can to get people to vote for him.

Kerry meets Nader.

Nader 's ultimatum: "In this election there will be one, and only one, Presidential Candidate who promises to implement Kyoto in full.

You, John, gets to choose which of us two that is."

And then Kerry will say, that’ll be you Nader.

Is anyone really that worried about Nader this time around? I think people learned their lesson from last time.

That guy is a two-faced glory seeking fuck-hole of the first order. A one-trick pony who decided he suddenly was an environmentalist when he wanted the Green Party’s assets behind search for relevance. Where was his environmental concern in the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s?

What a piece of work.

Back when Nader was still taken seriously as a consumer advocate and self-appointed Scourge of the Automotive Industry, Mad Magazine ran a series of cartoons looking at various people “when they are at home”, ie: away from the cameras. For example, Castro was shown living the Hefnerian Good Life, with his trademark fatigues hung in the closet.

Nader was shown waxing his beloved Edsel.

It’s as good a theory as any other.

That would be funnier if it was the Corvair, the car he wrote his book about.

Is that a euphism?
:eek: :smiley:

Actually, I find it to be a good thing for the Greens to not run Nader again.

With third-parties, there’s a risk that they can get too closely tied to a particular, frequent Presidential nominee, causing problems when that nominee is no longer in any shape to run for President.

(if you want examples, look at what happened to the Reform and Socialist Parties.)

Just think of all the Duhbya commercials we won’t have to watch because of the money the pubbies pour into the Nader campaign!


He’s saying that the Republicans will spend a lot of money on Nader’s campaign so as to help divide and take away votes from the Democratic nominee. And the more money spent on Nader’s from Republicans will mean the less spent on Bush.

Ergo: less Bush ads.

Sweet Jesus, I remember that issue from the fog of my youth! It also had Euell Gibbons surreptitiously enjoying a Big Mac, right? :slight_smile:

I think you are right… Well, that’s three cartoons, can anyone remember any more?

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What did Ewell Gibbons die of, nutzenberries :wink:

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Well, that’s kinda what I figgered. But I immediately dismissed it as being way too far-fetched an assumption. Guess I should never rule out the outrageous when it comes to the convoluted corridors of Reeder’s twisted little mind.

Here’s a partial biography. Some tidbits for you:



He’s also done a fair amount of other work on behalf of the environment over the “70’s, 80’s and 90’s” You could have probably found it yourself online if you actually cared to before you spout off.