Rand Paul is an infected anal fissure

Christ, what a piece of shit this guy is.

Kudos to Fauci for fighting back.

Yes, I saw that on CNN. Fauci was great!

Rand Paul used that sound bite to blast on his Twitter. Except he edited out all of Fauci’s parts.

“…and then Fauci was all like ‘No way!’ and I was all ‘Totally way!’ and he was all ‘Nuh-uh!’ and I was all ‘Checkmate, loser!’ and this hot chick told me how awesome I was…”

I know that is sarcasm, but even sarcasm should have some limits. No woman ever has called Rand Paul awesome. Steve Urkel called Rand Paul a dork. Howdy Doody in his carrying case has more brains and more charisma than Rand Paul. Peewee Herman being led out of the movie theater in handcuffs was still cooler than Rand Paul has ever been in his life.

No Rand Paul Pit thread is complete without his classic explanation why mandatory childhood vaccination is abhorrent:

“The state doesn’t own your children,” Paul said in an interview with CNBC’s “Closing Bell.” “Parents own the children”.

Editorial cartoonist Clay Jones had a nice Rand Paul joke in his cartoon yesterday.

I also particularly enjoyed this bit from the accompanying essay:

“Rand Paul, a self-certified eye doctor who looks like he cuts his own hair with an angry aardvark …”

You listen to him talk and you have to wonder how on earth he even got into med school. I wonder how he even graduated from high school. He has the dangerous combination of ignorance and arrogance, utterly convinced that he has never been wrong in his life and that he has the duty to tell the rest of us how wrong we all are. But he will be Senator for life from Kentucky because that’s what Kentuckians do- elect worthless pieces of shit to the Senate.

Not entirely worthless.

Even Governor Disaster, I mean DeSantis, has joined the vaccine choir. Ditto Sean Hannity. Good for all of these guys and I’m glad they’ve seen the light. But that doesn’t mean the Moscow Mitch is more good than bad, not remotely. Now he has indicated that he’s going to block raising the debt ceiling, which is always an issue whenever a Democrat is in the White House.

Sadly not uncommon in the medical community. Or among politicians.

Yeah you should get vaccinated

GOP guy

p.s. Masks are for pussies like Anthony Fauci.

Sounds like a memo was issued.

How many did they kill with their previous shit “advice”?

Thousands. But for the moment they’re on the right message so if they can save a few now I’m all for it.

I half expected this from Fauci:

“Have you no sense of decency, sir?”

BTW, he’s allegedly an ophthalmologist (so is Bashar Al-Assad), not a proctologist.

That is happening because he is realizing that it is hard to explain otherwise why it is that more Republicans that consumed right wing media and turned against vaccines are the ones that are dying in higher numbers now.

What do you mean? Republicans have always been at war with Eastasia supported vaccination.

Not for long he didn’t.

Like I said: Republicans have always opposed vaccination.