Rand Paul on the Daily Show

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I caught of bit of the “debate” between Noah and Paul. Paul, as an example of overregulation, mentioned someone getting 10 years for dumping dirt on their own property. Was that a real thing?

This appears to be the story.

Thanks Coach!

He’s made this argument before. It wasn’t truth then and it isn’t now but his supporters aren’t really the kind of people to do their own fact checking.

People like Rand Paul just have no shame in peddling their malevolent agendas.

I’m imagining a scenario in which some lunatic walks out onto a crowded street and starts shooting pedestrians. Hearing the gunshots and screams, a panicked resident nearby calls the police, who eventually overpower and arrest the gunman. He is later convicted and sentenced.

This would be Rand Paul’s version of the story: “Government over-regulation is out of control. Recently, a man was arrested and given a life sentence for making too much noise!”

This is exactly how the increasingly important practice of end-of-life counseling for the elderly turned into “death panels” in the hands of right-wing demagogues, and funding for a vital medical service had to be curtailed to calm the low-information lunatic contingent.