Random bowling advice needed

Here’s an actual response to #1.

Ok so $2 dollar ball, i’m guessing you throw a strait ball. So i’m guessing you put middle and ring finger all the way in. Here’s a few tips:

-Actually this first one isn’t a tip… which part of your middle finger hurts? Because pinpointing it and seeing where it lines up on your ball is the easiest way to fix the problem. When you first start using 3 finger to spin the ball, you hit a nerve in the thumb everytime you start up, it hurts like hell the first few balls, but everntually you build muscle around it. Probably not the same thing happening to you but I’m just rambling.

-Try putting your thumb in more

-get rid of the little gap between your palm and the ball (this gap will be between your 2 fingers and thumb), if you can hold the ball and have your whole hand resting on the ball, you will get better stability.

-don’t bend your pinky or index finger. I was donig this for a while and you lose a ton of strengh and stability in the release. Have your pinky and index finger be flat. The pinky finger gives you a lot of strengh, believe it or not, and when it’s bent you lose a lot of strengh as well as control of the ball.

-Lastly… you could just have a whack ass ball. Get it plugged and drilled for like 10 bucks.

You want a gap that is about a pencil-width between your hand and the ball. The ball-driller would see to this.

It’s more like $30 in my experience, unless you have a cite for the most-welcome plug-and-punch fee of ten dollars.

I thought I’d add this, just in case voguevixen didn’t know – you should grip your ball by inserting your fingers first, then the thumb. This is so that you may get a good lift upon the release.

I was thinking something like that…it’s the base of the finger that gets sore, and almost swollen feeling. I figured if it was a matter of building muscle though it wouldn’t hurt by now. (It’s been happening for about a month or so now, and with various balls so I figure it’s something I’m doing, not the balls.)


Dang! Bowling is tough! I’m going to have to print out this whole thread and take it with me, lol.

Thanks soooo much. We’re staying at the Hilton so that will work out perfectly. And thanks for the dig about my weight, ha!

Now that I’m re-reading everything in this thread, I think I need to suck it up and take a couple lessons. I’m surprised I’ve been doing as well as I have considering I think I’m doing most of it wrong!

Hey, just so long as you’re having fun.