The bowling gods hate me...

So here I am at bowling night. I throw a strike - a major accomplishment for my athletically-challenged ass, right? Then one of the pins BOUNCES BACK AND STANDS UP! :smack: :rolleyes: :mad: WTF?

Well, I did end up getting the spare. :smiley:

How odd, I just said to one of my regular bowling partners that I’d like to see something like that happen. We’ve all had the pins that didn’t look like they were going to fall down but did so anyway so I thought it would be interesting to see one that looked like it was down bounce back up.

Of course, I’m sure it’s one of those “funny if it doesn’t happen to you” things.

I’ve seen them wobble and even move a couple of spots without falling; but never bounce back up. Are you sure someone didn’t put Weebles back there?

Heh. No, I’m sure it’s just a matter of my naturally bad karma.

FWIW, the guy who runs the place said he’d only seen it happen once before. Great, nice to know I’m part of such an elite club. :dubious:

Didn’t you know you need to appease the bowling gods with White Russians?