What's your highest bowling score?

I just felt like asking. While not many people are passionate about bowling, almost everyone I know has gone bowling for fun at some point in their lives. So I figured just about everyone could participate here.

What’s the highest score you’ve ever had in a game of ten-pin bowling? Feel free, of course, to elaborate.

I haven’t been bowling in years, but my high game was somewhere in the 240s when I did. That wasn’t consistent, mind you. I usually averaged much lower. But that night I was on.

I bowled in an ABC-sanctioned league for several years, and so I have a pin for my 235 games.

Just the one, though…

It was my 16th birthday. I scored 121.

I have never done better. I average 60 or 70.

I don’t really remember, although I bowled in a league for about a year back in the early 80’s. Somewhere between 130 and 150 I think.

One of the hardest things I ever tried to do was bowl while tripping. I just couldn’t do it, would get all through the windup then drop the ball and fall over in a fit of laughter.

I’ve probably got a dozen games in the 190-199 range, but I’ve never been able to crack 200.


Who has the multiple 300 games?

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I hit 188 once, and I had 4 strikes in a row once (can’t remember if they were in the same game), but I’ve probably bowled less than 20 times in my adult life. I usually do crappy in the first game, but then I’m warmed up and do pretty well in the second game. By the third game I’m drunk and I’ve injured at least one finger, and I do worse than I did in the first game. I’ve bowled in the 40s before, giving full effort. It’s a damn sight.

As a teen I had one fluke game of, IIRC 212, many many pins more than a typical score. The funny thing is that it happened on a football trip where I was billeted with a family. They took me and their kids out to bowl and I assured them I was the average dud. Then lo and behold I put on an endless string of strikes and spares and could tell they regarded me suspiciously. Pretty funny in retrospect, my only good game and I couldn’t wholeheartedly enjoy it like I would have with my friends.

I had a super night once where I bowled in the mid 150’s twice, but usually I bowl around 110-120. I get a strike or two per game, with a few spares also. I have terrible form, but it’s enough for me to be competitive with friends and have a good time.

I’d have to say somewhere in the 170-180 range when I bowled leagues. Mind you, those were my better games.

I rarely bowl these days, but usually have a warm up game of 110-120, a good game of 150+ and a drunk game of under 100.

I’m curious about the multiple 300 games, as well.

My high was a 279. Went nine-spare in the 4th frame; everything else was a strike. I happened to do it during the California State annual tournament, though, so I was awarded a set of 6 bowling-themed drinking glasses. I shot a 245 during that same series, and ended up finishing 9th overall in the tournament. It was a good day. :slight_smile:

My highest game is 221. I generally will break 200 once out of every three games I bowl, but I’ve definitely hit my ceiling unless I want to buy my own ball and develop a different release.

I am the spare MASTER. I pick up almost everything…but I get very few strikes. I use one of the house plastic balls and have a pretty straight delivery. Unless I change any of that, I don’t think my scores will ever improve.

Regarding 300 games:

They are becoming ridiculously common these days (not sure why). My kids bowled on a school league the past couple of years and, while attending their matches, I must have seen 7 or 8 300 games rolled by high school students.

Prior to this, I had never seen even one.


Like most sports, the advancement in bowling equipment technology has helped the average amateur score at an amazing pace. Synthetic lanes, easy “house shot” oil patterns and current bowling ball technology can make just about anyone look really good with a bit of practice and training.

That’s why professional bowlers and those competing in tournaments have some restrictions on the equipment they can use, and have to bowl on lane conditions that are far, far tougher than anything you would normally encounter on your local lanes. People who watch the pros on TV and see these tournaments being won with scores in the 220s might look and think, “Well gee – I could do that.” But trust me, you probably can’t. :slight_smile:

I think I’ve bowled ten pin maybe twice in my life.

Five pin my high score was a 320, but my average was more like 250. Friends who played in my Saturday morning league averaged 350, and I saw somebody crack 400 once.

I had a 198 once, and I had the two pins for the spare that I should have hit and missed.

I think I bowled a 166 in Duckpin once. I was on a league though so that helped. I actually prefer duckpin over ten pin.

I used to go bowling more frequently back in the early 1990s. I was even on a league. I played my highest game there, which was a 193. I also managed to get five consecutive strikes, also during league play, though this was for a different game on which I scored 162.

Since then, when I have gone bowling I haven’t even come close to my record. If I can break 130 I consider it a good game. My average seems to be in the 100-110 range lately.

I bowled in a league many years ago, my average was in the 130 range. One night I started a game with 7 straight strikes then promptly tossed 2 gutter balls in a row. Ended up with a 235 game.