Bowlers - brag about your best scores here!

My personal best - high game, 279 (twice). high (3 game) series - 721. The 279 was not in this series. High game in the 721 series was a 257, I think. Highest average (last year) - 200. I’m only averaging 185 this year.

I bowl at least twice a week in league, and one more day of practice. Sometimes we bowl tournaments, too.

Tell me your best scores! And stupid or amusing bowling stories are very welcome.

My personal best is 67. I don’t make a habit of bowling.

140 after much practice. After a few beers it only goes down from there.

I bowled a 217 once. The only time I’ve ever broken 200.
I think my average is/was around 140, but I haven’t been bowling in years. And only once or twice a year before that.

My best bowling story was when I was young, and dropped the ball. As it fell, I bent to retrieve it. It bounced up and popped me in the jaw. You just don’t expect something that weighs that much to bounce.

244 high game. 615 high series. 194 high average.

Haven’t bowled regularly in about 7 years, though.

I usually bowl around 220 on average but one time I bowled about 287. It was a freak occurrence and hasn’t happened in the two years since but that doesn’t stop me telling everyone I don’t bowl with that it’s my average :smiley:

125, but this was candle pin, so it was a good score. Anyone else like candle pin?


Vidi Vici Veni!

  1. It was during a bowling class in college where I raised my average from 115 to 145. Then I stop playing for a few years, go bowling two weeks ago with friends, warn them that I’m not all that bad at the game, and fail to break 100 in two of the games.

Last year in a leauge game I rolled a 245. average is about 200.

I average around 190 but one time I got a 268! Sometimes it’s as far down as 80 though, but that’s usually when I’ve had a few beers and can’t help trying to clobber the deer.

Oh… You didn’t mean elf bowling?

oh… In that case, I really suck… I don’t even keep score :smiley:

I almost had a 300 game once. My freshman year in high school I went bowling with my mother, my brothers, and a friend. I think my average at the time was 97 but I came out on fire, opening with three strikes. An employee then interrupted us to say that the league bowlers would be coming soon, and we needed to move to another lane on the other side. Something about the move took me out of the zone and with my concentration ruined I proceeded to finish with and 83.

I bowl once, maybe twice a year. Average is around 150 if I’m lucky. However, one time about 6 years ago, I was a sub in my brother’s league. That day, I had 2 of my career 3 200+ games; people in the league who didn’t know me (and who never saw me again, as this was my only subbing appearance) thought I was good or something. It was nice.

My best game is 268. I opened with 8 strikes, then finished out spare, strike, spare… I was a little nervous during that 9th frame. hehe. I haven’t bowled much recently, but in one year, I managed to bring my average from about 120 to 190 (I had instruction) My high series is 683. (250 - 224 - 209) I need to go bowling again; I’m sure I’ve lost a bit of my touch. I think it’s been a year!


I bowled when I was younger, usually shooting 120. I stopped for about 4 years, then bowled two games about 3 months ago. I had a 120 game and a 167 game. I think I finally figured out the right shooting style. I’ll probably try again in the near future and break 200.

I shot a 180-something once.

Hehe…yup, almost…only 9 strikes away! :slight_smile:

About shooting style:
You have to learn to hook the ball. If you don’t, you’ll never hit the big scores consistently. You just get 10x the pin action when the ball comes into the pocket at an angle. If that’s your “right shooting style” keep with it…if not, you might get a few great games, but don’t expect to be consistently good without learning to hook.

Game: 279
Series: 720 (sanctioned - 740 in practice on two lanes)
Season: 198 average

I’ve thrown 12 strikes in a row at least 3 times, but never can seem to get them all in one game. The most was 10, in the 279 mentioned above. That game went 8-spare, 9-spare, ten-in-row, which is kind of an unusual way to throw 279, since it’s usually done by blowing a perfect game with a single 9-spare somewhere in the middle. I threw the first two in the next game, so I obvioulsy started the first game a little too soon :slight_smile:

In my early 20’s I often bowled 40 to 50 games a week, and in the space of about 4 years my average went from about 150 to about 185. The last 10 to 15 pins of improvment came mostly out of the miracle of polyurathane.

Clearly, I used to love bowling, but after being a league participant for more than 20 years, beginning at age 14, I finally gave it up in 1996 for my health. There’s some unwritten law in Kentucky that every league must have a minimum quota of 75% chain smokers. Giving up bowling was heartbreaking, but it probably added 10 - 20 years to my life - not joking here, I’m very sorry to say. :frowning: I don’t open bowl beause all the houses I’ve found in the area grease up the lanes for the open bowlers to the point you could repack your wheel bearings with what comes off the ball after three games. Bowling is no fun when even a soft poly-u ball won’t hook going 4 mph and you didn’t even put your thumb in it.

I bowled in one league for several years with a mix of friends and relatives. It was a 5-man handicap league, and we came up with an intersting way to keep our concentration high, which can be difficult in such leagues because of the relatively long waits between frames. We play skins. Everybody put up $3 at the start, and every frame was worth 50 cents (we didn’t count any 11th or 12th frames). If you were the ONLY bowler to strike, you won the frame. If nobody struck, or two or more did, the pot carried over. Since we had three people with averages above 190, and a couple more in the 180s, the pot often hit the $6 to $10 range before only one of us struck, and once went to $18. Enough to cover your bowling fees and a double-bypass burger with fries from the grill. If that doesn’t seem rich enough, just vary the initial investment to make it intersting per your own budget. We were pretty cheap.

Damn, Delores. Are you on the LPBA or something?

I average about 168. My best game was a 245. All marks. I still remember!:

X X X X X X / / X / X

I’ve never put together a really good series. I’ve never even had a 600. I think my best was 575.

I’ve been bowling constantly for the last ehhh 3 months or so and have an average of 140ish. Though it’s constantly rising I do a wee bit better and better each time. My personal high is only a 175 but that was a good night my other 2 games were 140 and 156. So in time when I get it all down right I’ll be doin’ good.


My high game is a 213. Got it two years ago, my first and only 200 game. I’m on a league, and have been for several years, but I’m never able to get my average over 125, where it stands right now.

I remember that 213, though. Goddess, I was so excited I had to call my mom. Long distance. From the pay phone in the bowling alley. She wasn’t home, so I left a shrieking message (my mom’s a bowler, so I knew she’d understand my joy).

When I got home, there were two ecards in my email–one from her, and one from my aunt. My mom had emailed her and told her about it. I love my family. :smiley: