Random car searches at airports

Tried this thread over at GQ, but it got closed down. So…I’ll pose the question here:

Apparently, the current ‘alert level’ includes the random search of vehicles coming into major airports (San Diego’s Lindberg Field, for example). Certainly a reasonable step to take, or is it? What if the government came out and said that they were looking for a ‘suitcase nuke’–would it be reasonable to randomly search every building or vehicle within, say, 2 miles of government/military buildings?

Actually, it was announced this morning that ALL cars entering John Wayne Airport (Orange County, CA) must use one entrance and are ALL subject to search. I assume that this will go on as long as we are at this threat level.

This sucks. JWA was always the easiest one to use (possibly tied with Long Beach). Now, they are telling people to arrive AT LEAST 2 1/2 hours before domestic flights due to the extra time involved in at least cursorily searching all cars.


Obviously this isn’t reasonable. But, we’re beyond reasonable responses to our situation. Nothing we do, short of a complete military lockdown of the country, will stop these bastards. What we have now is an opportunity for those in both parties to grab as much power for the government as they can - and all in the name of security. American liberty is seriously in danger.