Random internet quote musical matchup madness

I found this quote on the internet to describe a song I have heard many times before but never thought of this way; especially considering the genre. Anyway, the quote says the song refers to:

" . . .people that are like drifters and somewhat loners, or people kind of lost that go out at night on the streets looking for other similar people to talk to about their elusive dreams and desires that they can’t seem to obtain, but the desire is still there and they still believe they are going to find what they are not absolutely sure of."

Can you guess what the song is? Of course you could copy and paste the quote in any search engine and get the answer, but that would spoil the fun, and besides I think it would be fun to hear what people guess it is.

I put it in spoiler in case anyone else wants to guess:

“Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey