Random questions on Pink Floyd's Live 8 appearance

Having downloaded a high-quality video of the event, and having watched that numerous times, I have a few wonderings:

  • Who is singing with Dave on “Breathe”? I thought it was Rick, but noticed on a wide shot that he didn’t seem to be at a microphone. Hell, did he even have a microphone?

  • Who is playing second guitar? Is that Andy Fairweather-Low? Snowy White? Or some guy I never heard of?

  • Were there any “hidden” players as far as anyone knows, the way Fleetwood Mac did on their last concert video?

  • Was it me, or did Dave Gilmour more or less completely ignore Roger Waters until they took their final bow?

  • Does anyone else feel that this will officially be the last-ever Pink Floyd performance?

This may help a little.

Would you be able to give a link to this hi-quality vid? Only if it’s legal of course, otherwise the mods will remove it, and you may get warned.

Who’s the girl who helped them sing “Comfortably Numb”?

AOL has it for a few more weeks. Free. You don’t have to be an AOL subscriber, as I am not and was able to view the songs. Your definition of high quality may be different than mine, but I thought it looked pretty damn good.


Thanks, but I should have mentioned I knew of the AOL vids, and was wondering if the OP had a better quality (legal) link. I appreciate it though.

Sorry, but I think I already went into as much detail as I can. :cool:







It’s a code. If you think really hard maybe you can figure it out.