Random Voice Chat w/ Flip-Phone?

I love love love message boards, but sometimes it’s nice to converse by phone. I have a regular phone, no apps…

Or, something online… but not chatroulette or sites like that which are a waste of time. Thanks!

You could just press buttons at random until it starts ringing a number and talk to whoever answers. :wink:

I actually did that! Most didn’t pick up, and those who did either hung up after I said, “Hi, wanna talk?” and the other half seemed to recognize my voice.

I did something like that a few years ago, and I’d simply ask what their favorite movies were. I remember some of the results (It’s a Wonderful Life, The Godfather, 300)

Isn’t that illegal or at least unsavory? Careful you don’t get the chief of Police.

You don’t need to go through all that trouble. Get an IPhone shuffle and you can just press one button!

Illegal to call people at random? What possible law do you think that would make cold calling illegal?

Unsavory? Possibly, but IMO just stupid if all you want to do is chat. You’re success rate with interesting people will be minuscule.

Oh, IDK. Harassment, stalking, according to what the caller is saying, crank calling? Seems my Mother told me years ago crank calling was a bad thing. I don’t think we shoud encourage the OP.

Gimme a break… I never call the same people. Just curious how people react, if they’re willing to talk, do they hang up? Not pranking at all… Asking someone’s favorite movie?

What ev, dude. Get your jollies on someone elses time and/or dime. What if you break into a line and that person needs to call emergency or police? You’ve cost them precious moments. Good for you. Go ahead, have your fun.

Warning: people don’t like telemarketers calling. How do you think they will respond to some random dude asking about their favorite movie?

Yow, MortSahlFan, you’re serious about calling strangers. If I got a call from a stranger asking me what my favorite movie was, I’d be seriously creeped out. If I were, say, a woman living alone, I could imagine being terrified.

They would get a hearty “FUCK OFF!” from me, followed by my blocking their number.


If I don’t recognize your number, all you’ll get is my voicemail. Knock yourself out. First time, I’ll just delete the message. Any repeats and you’re blocked.

Lol, come on. It’s stupid but acting like he’s risking lives is more stupid. For the last ten years, I’ve had people wrong dialing my landline asking for the same guy. Every two years or so I chat with them for bit. Guess I’m lucky to be alive!

A combined total of about 4 minutes of air-time. No one ever said “fuck off” or “I’m busy”… One comment on here has inspired me to create a post elsewhere, just to compare THOSE results as I did when I did the move question about 5 years ago.

P.S. - if you are interested in doing your own, just say you are from a local university

That’s creepy as fuck.

It’s odd, but I wouldn’t call a single random call to my phone as creepy. I also wouldn’t pick up from a number I didn’t recognize.

I’m sorry. His motives are creepy. IMHO.

It’s CREEPY to want to have a connection with other people???

We already have problems in this country with people being withdrawn from society and not having actual friends anymore. We have people committing suicide right and left. It seems like every week, nearly, I see somebody writing a letter to an advice columnist desperately asking for tips for making new friends. And yet here you are criticizing somebody for wanting to have conversations with people. Are you insane??? Do you WANT people to be lonely???

If I were a mod, I would ban you right here and now for being so insanely stupid and antisocial. What in the name of common sense are you doing on this board, anyhow? You are harming this country, you are harming society, and you are harming this board with your extreme paranoia.

Get out of here, and never come back!!!

It’s creepy to dial random numbers and want to talk to random people. There’s nothing wrong with being annoyed if you’re on the receiving end.