Random worthless object requests here!

My request is the following:
A Wal-Mart gift card, an old model, that doesn’t have the @$@#!ing barcode on the back. Common ones are orange and green on the front, with some text. I would prefer that the silver over the numbers on the back not be scratched off. I don’t even care if it has money on it or not. I’d pay a nominal fee and shipping in order to receive this item, because I (surprisingly) can’t find an old one on eBay. I don’t want the newer blue ones.

I’m sure that others have requests for worthless objects too. Post 'em here!

Some GI Joe size flippers/swim fins.

Someone bought a tacky little sculpture for our work bathroom. It’s a guy reading a paper sitting on a toilet. It’s made out of wire and nuts and bolts.

I hate it.

I want to glue the swim fins on his ‘feet’.

I don’t know why. It’s just something that has to be done.