Randy Blythe (Lamb of God) released from Czech prison

This story has been THE hot news item in the metal community since he was arrested June 27. The fucked up thing is that he was arrested, but wasn’t charged with a crime; he was merely being “investigated” somehow while he sat in prison. A court finally ordered him released on bail (US$400,000).


I’m sure there’s plenty of Twitter traffic about this, and Metal Hammer magazine already has a story up on their website.

Kudos to the court for releasing him, and extra kudos for allowing him to leave the country. Now we just have to wait and see how things play out with the police and any possible later trial. Both Randy and his Czech lawyer have stated he will return for a trial if necessary.

The band’s summer tour with Dethklok and Gojira has been canceled, but it looks like they hope to regroup and tour in the fall.

Personally, I hope they do a fall tour and come my way. I’ve seen Lamb of God twice and seen Dethklok once, but have never seen Gojira live. Seeing all 3 at one show would totally fucking rock!

Welcome back, Randy!

Bo - did he push a guy off stage who later died??

The best information I have comes from the Summer 2012 Metal Hammer, but I can’t find a link to that story now because all I get for any search are stories about Randy being released.

According to that article, a Prague guitarist named Daniel N. is the guy who died.

It’s a long article, but here’s what they wrote about the situation that preceded the arrest:

So from that it’s hard to tell if Randy pushed the guy offstage or if a security person did. I’ve gone ahead and assumed that Randy did, since I don’t see a point-blank denial of that, but I have a hard time thinking that anyone is responsible for the poor guy’s injury other than himself.

I do wish there was more information, but from all accounts the Czech police didn’t contact Randy, the band or it’s management until they entered Prague in late June for a show.

There was a two-year delay? Weird.