Ranger backward flag patches

Noticed the other day that US Army Rangers (and possibly other units as well) wear an arm flash of the US flag, with the blue square (stars) in the upper right hand corner, instead of the upper left hand corner, where it is usually depicted.

Anyone know the story behind the ‘backward’ flag on soldiers’ arms?

Answers here .

A flag has two sides. Neither side is “backward.”

Since that link provided by gluteus maximus had some random guesses in the beginning, check toward the end with the quotes from the Department of the Army.

It’s so that the flag on the right shoulder of the soldier will appear as though it is flying in the breeze as s/he marches forward.

No but there are rules for displaying the flag. When you are display the flag so that only one side is visible, like hanging it on a wall, the blue field should be in the upper left corner.

We’re not talking about walls here. The only place where you see U.S. flags with the field of stars on the right are on the right side of vehicles or uniforms so that the flag appears to be flying in the breeze as the vehicle or wearer moves forward.

You can see this other places as well, such as on Air Force 1.

Soldiers are emulating the tradition of a flag being carried in battle, in which case, those people on the right side of the flag would see it with the blue field on the right, as the flag flies toward the rear. Ever see an airplane with a “backwards” flag on the right side of the tail? Same thing.

So I guess a soldier is considered a moving vehical.
I was just trying to point out why someone would think a flag was backwards and that sometimes it is indeed backwards.

:rolleyes: No, a soldier is not a “moving vehical” [sic].

As acsenray stated, real flags (the cloth kind) have two sides. You can see the stars and stripes from either side. There is no “backwards.” It just depends on the orientation of the flag compared to the viewer. Flag decals/patches placed on the sides of moving objects often reflect this.

Is this so hard to comprehend?

Every Army soldier deploying as part of an expiditionary force (Iraq, Afganistan) wear the flag on the right shoulder. Soon (if not already) the Army Chief of staff is going to order all soldiers to wear the flag. This is to show that those in support roles elsewhere are still important to the effort overseas and to show that they are part of the war against terrorism anywhere they may be stationed. There is going to be a long period for everyon to comply due to a shortage of patches.