Rank the early seasons of post-TOS Trek

Lets leave out DISCO, PIC and the Trek animated series (though the first season of TOS animated is better then the second season)

  1. TNG. Poor as they may be…they are still very bright and at times the wackiness works for it. Also the music is consistently good.

  2. VOY. The badness is helped at least by the more serialized nature.

  3. Three and four are very close for me but I’ll give three to DS9. Mostly boring, a lot of cringe but at least they have Garak and Dukat, I love DS9 but the early eps are almost unwatchable for me. But once you get past that, I think other then TOS its the most rewatchable show.

  4. ENT. Boring. Boring designs. Little investment, though I enjoy the Andorians. Dumb Temporal War Gets better in S3 and 4 of course,

I think I’d rate DS9 above Voyager. Voyager just seemed like it cycled between three or four standard plot tricks many episodes - i.e.
1: “We’re running low on [something], let’s mount an away mission to a)trade with this species Neelix knows something about or…”
1b) …go camping on this planet that looks harmless enough"
2: “There’s a strange and possibly dangerous region of space ahead, but we’re just going to plough through it”
3: “Hey, we found a new way to get home quickly. Oops, we can’t use it”

I haven’t watched enough of Voyager or Enterprise to give an educated opinion on the subject, but I’d rate DS9’s first two seasons much higher than TNG’s. TNG really didn’t find its footing until S3, while DS9 had some really good episodes from the get-go. And I’d rate DS9 as being the better series overall, especially now that it’s available to stream and to watch on DVD. The serial nature lends itself well to binge-watching.

I called Voyager “Gilligan’s Quadrant”. Too many plots exactly like you described.

Though I’m not sure if Neelix or Tom Paris is Gilligan.

And yet, I watched revery episode. I learned my lesson though.

I’ve been trying to re-watch DS9, because the last time I watched it was the original run, and I know I missed some episodes here and there, so I figure I should just watch it straight through.

It’s hard. The first two seasons are almost uniformly bad. There are maybe 3 or 4 episodes which rise to the level of okay. All of the good DS9 stuff I remember came from the later seasons.

TNG had a lot of stinkers in the first 2 seasons, and its worst was worse than anything in DS9, but at least it tried more stuff, went more places, and was more memorable. I don’t know if that’s nostalgia for TNG talking. TNG has a lot of bad, but it wasn’t so uniformly bad. Maybe TNG had better characters. DS9’s characters are super boring early on aside from maybe Garak.

I think it might be safe to skip anything in DS9 related to Bajoran politics or religion, and that’s way too big a part of the early seasons. Also, the Ferengi stuff. Almost always more cringe or boring than good. Together that’s like half the series in the early seasons.

Maybe one exception, when the prophet came back and decreed everyone had to revert to their family’s profession. That actually had something to think about, a mild comment on certain kinds of fundamentalism. Plus the OMG bit where Odo goes Horatio Hornblower on him. I wish they could have expanded that idea into a several-episode arc.

I can’t really comment on the actual intent of the thread, as I never watched Voyager or Enterprise, but of the two I did watch, I put DS9 ahead of TNG for thoughts and ideas…but TNG wins the palm for ensemble and acting. (And sometimes the facepalm…)

Enterprise went straight into Camp with the Whale aliens. That was right up there with Spock’s Brain.

TNG had a lot of good episodes. More good than bad. Measure of a Man, The Borg Episodes, the Klingon arc where Picard chooses the leader. They were very well written and performed.

Most of the Holodeck episodes were weak. Except for Sherlock Holmes & Professor Moriarty.

Usually it’s Janeway: destroyed the Caretaker’s array, decided to defeat the Ferrengi instead of using the wormhole, wouldn’t let the crew steal alien technology, wouldn’t turn dead fairies into magic fuel, wouldn’t accept a bribe in the Q trial …

Actually, despite the show’s reputation I can’t think of all that many occasions where they could have got home.

I think the thing that inevitably places TNG at the top is Picard - both the character and the performance. Sure, Patrick Stewart is hamming it up a lot at times, but that works. He is the very model of a modern Major-General.