Ranking - how quickly does it change after injury?

I feel bad for the snowboarder Kevin Pearce. He took a dangerous risk coming back three weeks after a concussion three weeks ago. That made him much more susceptible to brain injury this time.

I don’t want to be disrespectful. But, when do rankings change after injuries?

Why are they using present tense? You don’t come back from brain injuries over night. It may be months before they even know the extent and permanence of the damage.

Realistically, someone else will have to take Pearce’s place next week in the Olympic trials.

whoops! I forgot the link.

It all depends on the math involved. I know nothing of snowboarding rankings but I have a little knowledge of Golf rankings.

Tiger Woods took 8 months off after the 2008 US Open and never lost his #1 ranking.

Assuming Mickelson’s ranking “treads water” for the first 6 months of this year, (and Woods remains in hiatus), Mickelson will surpass Woods about the first of July. Mickelson could overtake Woods with some very good play early the year, probably as early as April, with several wins including the Masters.

Golf Rankings tend to be non-volatile, because they use a 24 month ranking period. Sergio Garcia had a terrible year in 2009, yet he is still in the top 11 in the year-end rankings. (but he will be dropping quickly if he doesn’t start playing better.

IIRC, Tennis rankings are on a rolling 12 month period, and tend to be more volatile.

If the math is a cumulative ranking (like a money list), then Pearce ranking is more vulnerable. If it is an average ranking (like Golf’s rankings) then Pearce’s ranking should be a little secure.