Ranking the presidents on US currency

This post made me laugh…I’ve always thought Mr. Hamilton was by far the best looking of the presidents on our currency.

So, rank the appeal in order of hottest to nottest!
1 - Hamilton (ten)
2 - Lincoln (five)
3 - Jackson (twenty)
4 - Washington (one)
5 - Franklin (hundred)
6 - Grant (fifty)

A picture for the unAmericans among us.

Yeah, Hamilton’s definitely number one. Apart from him, not a looker in the bunch, but I guess Grant has something going for him. Jackson should do something about his hair, but he beats out Lincoln who beats out the two guys who manage to both be balding and badly in need of a haircut.

Hamilton wasn’t president.

Nor was Franklin, now that you mention it.

Wow, learn something new every day.

However, Jefferson (nickel and $2), FD Roosevelt (dime), Kennedy (50 cent), McKinnley ($500), Cleveland ($1000), Wilson ($100,000) and Truman (1 trillion) all WERE president and should be in the running.

I’m voting Roosevelt.